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this week is going to be an interesting one. Why?

Because there are a lot of decision and announcements coming. The most intriguing is the interest rate, which is announced by the FED. If it goes down, we might have good information and BTC will continue to rise. If there is panic coming from FED, we will, might have some pressure on the growth.

We have also in most countries the announcement of the labour market. If unemployment is lower, despite the massive layoffs in tech, we could see some new wind in the crypto market.

Crypto is not detached from the stock market, and it is reacting with some small delay.

There will also be some quarterly announcement coming this week, like Facebook, now Meta, who wants to be a big player in the metaverse.

The package shipment companies like DHL and UPS will publish some numbers and if they have again double-digit profit, it might have a good impact on the crypto market.

I read the news, just to be up-to-date and take decisions, but without FOMO. For example, there is always a good time to buy BTC, Hive or Leo, just buy and keep it.

Just don't sell based on news. This is where money gets lost, with fear and greed. Analyse, think and make a decision. Simple as that.

How do you see it? Will the news this week affect crypto?

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I don't know if the news of the week will affect the Crypto world, maybe.

However, I know that I accumulate, I hold and I don't sell! So go how the market goes, it doesn't affect me eh eh!
Short of a total reset... but it would be the apocalypse lol!


That is the best approach! HODL

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