Microstrategy went shopping again

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on the fake LTC move from yesterday, which might trigger higher regulations, I've almost missed the interesting news, that Microstrategy bought another 5050 BTC.

Well, this is again great news, as it shows that people have trust on BTC, which has been fairly stable the past couple of months. Stable for crypto, of course, as there have been some fluctuations.

5050 BTC are not cheap, and it seems that some big players understand the intrinsic value of crypto. Even if BTC is not usable as a legal tender, it can be used as a value of storage. Where would you put your retirement money, in the USD or in a crypto?
For me the answer is clear, and I think that this guys, are doing it right, offering the normal people a place to invest in crypto, even if it is at a premium.

If I lived in the USA, I would invest my pension money into crypto.

I hope that bigger players get into the bandwagon and start buying crypto, especially alts, to have a nice Christmas present for the end of the year.

Imagine only 5% of the money locked in stocks. That would be huge!

I see it also good, that crypto can be turned in stocks, or at least vouch for them.

How do you see the buy? Also, the big fish buying huge amounts of crypto?

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