Moving new assets into CUBDeFi

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after some discussions with @empoderat and @bozz, I've decided to move some assets into farms on CUBDeFi. As the markets are uncertain, the best thing for me are the stable coins, which can provide a stable cashflow.

One of the best, at least for my taste, is the farm BHBD with BUSD. It has a decent return in CUB and also is based on two stable coins, from two different chains.

So, I had to put some crypto in today, not a big sum, as I'm not liquid, but at least $400 for the start. Will probably compound weekly, as the main thing is to take profit after fees and taxes.

It is for me a sign, that crypto is not fully in hibernation mood and there are opportunities for decent return.

Will keep you updated on how it is going.

Are you invested in CUBDeFi?

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Congrats on the addition. I definitely need to do a better job of taking profits. I put most of my CUB into the new kingdom and locked it for 52 weeks. My plan is to move the rest of my rewards I to stables or BNB.