PolyCUB not yet airdrop soon to be over - what after? Maybe pHBD-USDC

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I've noticed that the airdrop has passed, or at leats I'm not getting any new coins. This is actual not a bad news, as we might see a price increase in the long run. There are no more people dropping the free stake, and this will reduce the pressure of selling.

Later edit: there are issues and the airdrop is not yet over.

I'm having my stake in xPolyCUB and not in the farms, but with the new addition of pHBD-USDC, we will have an interesting option, where to get interest for stablecoins.

More details can be on the @leofinance post in here.

The idea is simple, but the implementation genius, as it drives attention to HBD. We don't have enough HBD liquidity on the market and this can be a solution, even if it is a wrapped HBD.

I will probably dip into this opportunity, as I love generating income on stables, and with the high return, it makes it even more attractive.

How about you? Do you invest in stables? Do you also aim for a high return?

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The airdrop isn't over. It should be over at the beginning of May (60 days from launch).

There is some kind of problem regarding the instability of Polygon nodes that affects the API which looks at your airdrop amount. At least that's how I understood it from Khal from an AMA. But it should work from time to time, and especially if you leave the airdrop page open so that the API can retry several times.


Thanks for the notice and tip. I've missed this part and was thinking it is over... Even more to focus on pHBD-USDC

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How about you? Do you invest in stables?

Nowadays just/only in Hive Dollars (HBD). Currently I have $1332.093 HBD in savings, and I am earning a little bit more than $10 HBD per month in interest. According to PeakD, the estimated interest since last payment (17 days ago): 12.123 HBD. Claim in 12 days.


For now, it's just HBD for my own savings. I think pHBD is nice but the returns are kind of locked for 90 days if we want the full reward. So it's a bit riskier and I don't want to enter it right now.

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bridge all the stable coins :P