RE: LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #5

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Apart from that small hiccup in curation rewards, everything is running smoothly and to plan. Our content is still getting loads of comments, not so much interaction. LBI drops upvotes on comments so this could be the reason for a high number of comments and the low number of replies. I notice people asking questions and then me, Hetty are Task take the time reply back only to have the same person ask the same question on a different post at a later date, haha.

That helps reaching the top 10 in commentators on and mostly it is targeted as vote farming. Life is tough sometimes.

Total earned to date is 5630.09 LEO, it'll not be long until we pass the 10k LEO mark, under 5 weeks by my guess.

I would say under 4 because the trend is on growing.

Thanks for the update,SSU!

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