Targets for 2022 - July report

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we entered July today, and it is time to do a review on the past month and how the year has started. I've defined a set of targets in this post.

These are meant to be achieved at the start of December. Why December? Well, I give myself 11 months, so that the last month of the year is for reviews, holiday, planing and mostly more time with the family.

This year, I said I do a more agile approach and will add projects as they come. I will not add any new project, as the market is uncertain, and I want to consolidate my positions.

I hope that I will be able to make an #leoalpha story out of these targets. In the meantime, check the tag and the project on @LeoAlpha. The targets are much tougher than last year, and if reached, they represent a six-figure sum in terms of fiat money.



Target of 50000 Hive remains. June was rather a slow month, as I've managed to add another 200 Hive to the power, which is not much, but adds up.

The LEO stake.

Another very good month, with almost 2000 LEO added to the power. The track is good and hope to reach the target before the recovery.

LEOM and LEOMM, the turbos for LEO.

No new tokes, but the available produce constant LEO.

The LBI stake.

No new token this month, which is not what I want.

SPI token.

No sale this month on SPI, where I think I shall start pushing, as it pays in Hive. Hope to add at least some SPI this month.

Index token.

Index is the brainchild of @ctp mastermind, @jongolson. It gives an interesting return in terms of new tokens every day. It also helped me a lot with the Splinterlands journey. No new tokens in here.

CP Splinterlands

With the new reward system, the growth speed has been slowed down massively. I'm not buying any cards and don't open packs, due to the SPS bonus.

Utopis token.

The token by @chronocrypto grew this month again only with delegation. It shows that it can grow without too much of a headache. Compounding at it's finest.

SEED token.

An expensive project with low liquidity. I like the exclusivity of it and that it has so much potential. No new token this month. If you need to have more details, please follow @empoderat for it.


Brings steady Hive in, besides other tokens. No new token this month.


Another 100 HBD added to the portfolio. Slow and steady growth, that compounds every month.

Chaos Legion Packs

An increase, as I've decided to hold onto the packs, till the SPS drop is over.


LENM, the miner token for the @liotes project, run by @ph1102 and @achim03 was growing nice and steady only with the swap of LEN to LENM. It is a nobrainer to hold, as it pays out constantly LEN. Another compounding project that grows nice and steady.


xPolyCUB is now on hold, as I like to grow on other projects.

To reach the above targets, there is need for some work, especially engagement, therefore I defined for myself some targets. They are lower than the ones from last year, but still relevant in the end.


To keep track of it I do normally a snapshot from @hivebuzz which makes my life easy (thanks @arcange for the tool - you deserve fully my witness vote and not only for @hivebuzz).



The month was a slow one. I was travelling a lot and have dealt with a lot of issues that have occurred in the past days. As mentioned at the start, will love to add new projects. If you can suggest one, please leave a comment, why shall I increase my stake in that project. Thank you.

How are you progressing with the goals for this year?

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