LEOAlpha/OneUp: Illuvium, Ethereum's first AAA Game

Illuvium I always thought that if PokemonGo was a blockchain based game, there would be full time, professional pokemon hunter's making…

Goal Tracking: Month 4!

October Already! This is another curveball month for goal tracking. Things keep on changing and I am ok with it. The neat thing is…

Things you forgot (but I haven't)

Splinterlands is really mooning But you haven't forgotten about that. It is everywhere. SPS airdrops, vouchers, the upcoming chaos…

Making it public - makes one accountable

Pulling the trigger That is where my weakness in crypto currently is. I know the theories about taking profits, and I am usually…

Goal Tracking: Month 3!!

Things can change fast in Crypto! I had goals set for last month that I did not hit. That being said, I didn't hit them on purpose…

Successful Arbitrage on WLEO, BLEO... an Epic Tale.

The Title is the Story But the story is not half of it. I was looking at the market last night and I saw that WLEO was up at $0.42. I…

Goal Tracking, month #2!

I'm back from a Vacation I was scarce on the site last week. I found time to comment and vote a bit, but not much. Not what I like to…

Proof of Brain - a few reminders

The Markets are being tested Crypto prices are pretty much as low as they have been all of 2021. The Proof of Brain tribe burst onto…

The Week of CUB

from Imgflip Meme Generator In the spirit of project blank and as someone who aped into CUB really hard and is really excite

You don't get anywhere without goals!

Goal Setting Is Important I read these types of posts all of the time... and I really enjoy reading them and seeing people's progress.…

Growing Pains - A market outlook

Things Don't Just Go Up! They go down too... and sideways. A lot of the downward and sideways action is necessary in order to get…

Why I delegated to AMR's engagement project

Every Week... Without fail @amr008 comes out with a post like this every week. It is a big list of people who delegate their…

Cub elevator - ground floor - Going up!

What is Bitcoin's path forward? Your guess is as good as mine. Bitcoin has been bouncing between $30K and $40K and at some point here…

The Elephant in the Room, POB's future?

Maybe you haven't seen it? That is because the person who wrote the post was "muted" by @proofofbrainio. It is a post by @azircon on…

I think BTC will break $40K soon, meh

BTC appears to be moving up I have been watching it bounce up to near $40K only to drop. It would go down close to $30K only to rise.…

Creating a Culture of Abundance on the blockchain.

We are creating money out of thin air I guess in some ways, we always have been, but never before has there been this much control over…

CUB: Diamond Lion Claw's about to pay off!

Good times about to get better! I have been staking on Cub since day 1. I have been in and out of CUB LP's and the Cub den over…

A Solid Foundation - stop whining!

Success Requires Consistent Effort I have read some posts recently that had a lot of complaints in it. LEO crashed, CUB crashed, my…

I am officially a BHT Whale

Backstory I stumbled upon the Broadhive tribe the same way that many of you might have. I was reading a post and saw th

Getting funds onto Polygon (matic) without paying huge fees

I'm bullish on this one. Ethereum without the fees, BSC without the centralization. Mark Cuban is already singing it's praises. Every…