The Elephant in the Room, POB's future?

Maybe you haven't seen it? That is because the person who wrote the post was "muted" by @proofofbrainio. It is a post by @azircon on…

I think BTC will break $40K soon, meh

BTC appears to be moving up I have been watching it bounce up to near $40K only to drop. It would go down close to $30K only to rise.…

Creating a Culture of Abundance on the blockchain.

We are creating money out of thin air I guess in some ways, we always have been, but never before has there been this much control over…

CUB: Diamond Lion Claw's about to pay off!

Good times about to get better! I have been staking on Cub since day 1. I have been in and out of CUB LP's and the Cub den over…

A Solid Foundation - stop whining!

Success Requires Consistent Effort I have read some posts recently that had a lot of complaints in it. LEO crashed, CUB crashed, my…

I am officially a BHT Whale

Backstory I stumbled upon the Broadhive tribe the same way that many of you might have. I was reading a post and saw th

Getting funds onto Polygon (matic) without paying huge fees

I'm bullish on this one. Ethereum without the fees, BSC without the centralization. Mark Cuban is already singing it's praises. Every…

Why I invested in Alaska Inu

A Retail Investment Experiment I am a fairly conservative investor when it comes to crypto. I would rather have a safe 5x gain than…

Downturn thoughts

It's in your head! I wrote an article two days ago discussing the downturn. In reality, I was more pointing at how we are still on a…

The Bull Market Blues

We have seen incredible growth Bitcoin was down around $15,000 6 months ago, and here we are now... 3x plus. Hive was at $0.12 6…

A crypto minute: CUB, LEO, POB and BTC.

Time Things change really quick in crypto, and people stay pretty much the same... impatient. There are tons of things happening in…

Easy Living

A place to call home I read a post from @madstacks today and I couldn't help but relate. I think as we grow up and enter into the…

Blockchain Emancipation Proclamation

I read these often during bull markets... How people have been set free from the shackles of debt slavery and corporate control. Fiat…

Back to Fraggle Rock!

I used to love that show! source I was faced with some hard t

The Revolution will be Blockchain

The Revolution will not be televised source Wait? What is television, wasn't that the thing people watch

News on the radio

Predictable, isn't it. I was finishing up a day of work, and I got in my truck. Same as any other day. I usually finish up the day…

Markets 101: An introduction to "the game"

The Game Markets are natural. They just happen. Bill grew peas, Tom grew tomatoes and Anne grew peas and carrots. Anne has…

Counting your Chickens

We all know the saying (image from Pixabay.com) Yet it can be very hard not to be counting those chickens. Every day, espe

Using Impermanent Loss on Cub Finance like a Champ

For everyone that has been enjoying harvesting their CUB on a semi regularly basis, you are likely not at total ease due to the fact that…

The ground floor - Proof of Brain project

Proof of Brain When I first read about "proof of brain" I thought to myself that this was a really good long term project. The…