Back to school with my new Hive account

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Zidi Ebikake
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So I'm back to school, just got here today and I already feel exhausted. Not that I don't relish the prospects of the new semester, It just feels like the sun here is hotter than usual.

Haven come onboard hive just a few weeks to closure last semester, i have to organize anew schedule for this semester. It wont be the same type of semester for me if my hive account is to remain active.

Getting organized

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Combining school work, participation in a sports competition and my hive account. ***

My hive account:

For me blogging on hive is easier when I gather content from my immediate environment.
Being a civil engineering student, my posts will likely be engineering related, and I'm also here with my guitar so I can still participate in weekly events like @openmic and the occasional singing posts when I can.

There's more though!!!

I signed up for a sports competition (NUGA) which will also mean more sport related content(mostly videos).

I will be working with mostly videos since I will not have much time to write especially during the week. With Badminton and Lawn tennis training sessions schedules for 4 nights weekly and Saturday mornings, I definitely can't do much of written content. This leaves me with only my free time in the afternoons to make posts coupled with some spontaneous videos I will now have to get familiar with.

School work

My time table shows that I'm less occupied on Tuesdays, and Thursdays so those are officially my study days along with Sundays, though i cant get by a day without going through what I've learned. Sundays will be for my weekly run through and filling gaps.

In conclusion

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The truth is that most of my plans for the semester will have to change with time considering the somewhat irregular nature of activities when it comes to Federal schools in Nigeria.
I will have to really be on my toes this time and be spontaneous when the need arises, but above all, my education must come first.

I'm open to any thought or suggestions of an approach you think might work though...
Please let me know in the comments section.

Thank you for dropping by!!!