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I am a big-time fan of the splinterlands game and I have certain long-term goals for the project. There are multiple assets in the game including to comes and I am trying to accumulate as much as possible during this bear market. Buying cards in the game is a basic necessity in the game but along with this, it is also important to have a good holding of SPS tokens because this can be a good investment in the long term.


Currently, we are in the market when things are at low side prices are not doing well but I am sure this will not be staying along. It may take some time but the market will recover for sure and that is when you will be happy with the decision that we are taking now. Crypto investment is not an easy way to earn returns however I believe it is more important to impress a long term with the passion to hold and not panic even if the market does not look good. I always believe that investment is not something that we do for the class days or weeks instead it should be for years then only we can reap the benefits.

I am happy to share that I have accumulated 78k sps tokens in total and it took approximately 16 months for me to achieve this milestone. I am still accumulating and my ultimate goal is to 100k tokens in total. So as of now, I am away from my goes by 22k sps, and these days when the price is low then it can be a good opportunity to buy. I am running short of funds and if I would be able to arrange some then will surely give it try to buy another bunch of SPS. I purchase 1000 SPS last week using hive and all this is staked in my account.


Currently holding more SPS is even more rewarding because we are getting GLX on top of it while we are already getting an apr of approximately 25% that includes voucher tokens. Even the voucher token price is low because there is no such event that can contribute to the price increase but I expect whenever there is a good promotion by the team then we can see the price increase for the vouchers. I had used 500 vouchers when I purchased the neutral monster. I am happy with my decision that I had taken it at the right time. I am sure the value of this card is going to increase over some time because the supply is limited and not many people have got it at the price it was offered by the game.

It is a bit difficult for me to achieve my SPS goal by end of this year but I will continue to work and try to accumulate as much as I can. I hope by mid of next year I should be able to achieve my goal and it will not be a surprise if I can do it even before but it depends upon how the market works and when I get enough funds to buy another big bunch of SPS tokens. I also expect that when the genesis League game will be launched next year then we can see the better price for GLX as well and hopefully this can also help me have more sps. I don't know how things will be unfolded later but that is the plan I have as of now with SPS and other tokens in the Splinterlands game.

Thank you

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