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LPUD aka Leo Power Up Day is a community event that happens 15th of every month. It works the same way as HPUD which is organized on 1st day of the month. I see more participation in LPUD with each passive month and this is adding more value to the Leo token economy. I just believe that it is time to build with Leo and the best way is to accumulate more Leo tokens this time when the price is low. If anyone is selling the tokens then I would say it's not a good time for that instead it is time to buy and accumulate for the long term.

I believe in the project I am the token economy which is why I am trying my best to have a bigger stake in Leo tokens. This lpud event has helped me to achieve my goal faster and I am excited to do the power-up in the next event happening on the 15th of December 2022. After this event, I will have more than 10000 Leo power in my account and this is going to be a great achievement for me. I have more than 600 tokens in my wallet as of now and by the time the day of the event will come, I should have even more tokens for the power-up.


The current price for Leo is 0.05 and this is the bottom because I see it here for quite some time. I have been powering up on this event in the beginning and I will continue to do the same because this way my growth is slightly accelerated on the accumulation. Once I achieve the milestone of 10000 Leo power then I will increase it further and my ultimate goal would be to have 50000 Leo power in my account. I know that it is going to take a long and, to be honest, I am not in a hurry because I believe in the ecosystem and the project. I truly believe that things take time to grow and the right approach is to be part of it in the initial days so that later when things get more valuable we need not struggle with having more skin in the game.

I hope to see more participation in the coming event and this is going to be the last LPUD for this year. There will be another goal for the next year because it is important to have a goal in place so that we can change the same and try to achieve our goals. I believe that without a goal it is difficult to estate focused and this is the reason why I have my goals in place. Holding Leo's power is a good decision because we can earn curation rewards as well as it gives us the power to support more content creators on the platform. Here I am not talking about price appreciation but that is something you should not ignore because it is also going to happen in the future and it will be like a bonus reward for the decision to invest.

There are 4 days from now for the event and in these 4 days, I will try to have more liquid tokens in my wallet so that I can do a bigger power-up than I used to do in the past few months. As of now, I am not sure what amount I will be able to power up but I confirm my participation and will be able to reveal the exact number on the day of the event. Let's come forward together and make this day any went even more successful.

Thank you

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