My SPS Stake and Goal for this year

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Its the last day of November month and now we will be left with just a month for this year 2022. Time flies and we are done with 11 months for the year which means in the remaining month we need to try our best to achieve our goals. I have been working to achieve multiple goals on the chain including SPS and so far I am happy with whatever I have done last year.

SPS is a high-value coin in the game and I believe that it is just a matter of time before the price is low but it will grow significantly for sure. Because I believe in the ecosystem and the project so I keep on building my holding as much as possible and this time when the price is very low is a good opportunity to accumulate more sps. Maybe it takes time to grow but that is not the concern as the current state is able to earn a decent apr and on top of that we have also started getting additional airdrops.


It means the moment we buy the SPS and deposit it in our game account then we start earning immediately and this reward is something that we should not miss out on. I am not sharing any financial advice here and I think if you believe in the project then only you should invest. This is a cryptocurrency market and sometimes the prediction does not go the same way as a plan so if we have a long-term approach then there should not be any problem.

I have more than 76k sps in my wallet and all these are staked. Currently, my holding is early an apr of approximately 25% which I think is very good. Altho this apr is consist of SPS along with voucher tokens but ultimately I am getting the same so it does not make any difference to me. As long as I am able to earn with my stake I will be happy to grow it further. Now since I am left with 24000 to reach my goal of 100K so I will see if it is possible within this year. I am keeping a close eye on the market price and if I find anyone better deal then will not hesitate to buy the remaining amount and hopefully, this would be them soon.


If in case I do not get a better deal then also I am accumulating every day and will try to reach my goal with small buying. Currently, the value of my SPS holding is approximately 3000 USD and it is very low as per the current market but I think this is not a concern for the people who are holding it for the long term. Just imagine if the price of SPS reaches 50 cents then it is going to be a great amount that anyone would love to see in the wallet. Even if the price does not grow for then also I am able to earn some passive income and this is how I am able to add more value to my overall SPS portfolio.

Thank you

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