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I often talk about SPS tokens because I am bullish on this. There are many things that I track but SPS is something that I am more focused on and I want to accumulate as much as I can. I dont want to miss any buying opportunities with SPS and now seems like a good time to buy.

This is the same token that has gone to the price mark of $1 approximately and now the current price is less than 5 cents. This is a heavy discount I would say and because of this, I find this price to be a buying opportunity. This is like a cheap price for this SPS token and anyone who is planning to do a long-term investment here but again this is not financial advice. I invest in SPS because I believe in the ecosystem and I will continue to do this as I expect significant growth with the project.


SPS price and accumulation

Yesterday only I published a post in which I talked about my accomplishment that I managed to accumulate 75000 SPS. I think this is just the beginning and there is a lot that I am going to do with this because I will continue to accumulate much more in the future. For now, my immediate goal is to have 100 k tokens in my account and hopefully, this will be done soon if the market continues to run like this.

I have already invested all my liquid money in some other tokens because I was not expecting this kind of drop all of sudden. I will work to arrange some funds so that I can buy some more SPS at a lower price.



I think the current price is pretty good for anyone who is not going to sell SPS instead it's a great price for anyone who wants to buy. I am a buyer so this price is good for me and hopefully, once I arrange the funds it remains the same so that I can buy more to come at the lower price. I anticipate that the next milestone will be achieved in the next three-four months but if this price continues then probably I can make it happen slightly earlier than I think.

The current apr for SPS is almost 28% in the game account and this is still a better option. I like this apr and with 75000 to come I earn about 25 SPS in a day with the current percentage of staking rewards. Stake and earn is a good source of passive income that I have been doing for a long here with SPS.

No SPS holding is even more rewarding because we can earn more GLX tokens. Even the price of the GLX token has increased recently which is good because this can also create more demand for SPS. GLX airdrop is fully based on the holding for SPS tokens which means more SPS brings more GLX tokens as an airdrop. I also want to increase my SPS holding faster because this way I will be able to get more GLX and it is going to be much more profitable in terms of investment.

Anyways I will need to invest in SPS but if I do it before then it will bring more opportunities in terms of GLX airdrop and I want to get it as much as I can. Now I am waiting for the day when I will be able to reach another milestone I know that it will take longer because the gap is higher but I am on it to achieve it as early as possible.

Thank you

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