Tried hands with Gladius Case in the Splinterlands

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There is a lot to explore in the splinterlands game and Brawls is something I started playing a few weeks before. Although I am part of one guild for a long and am used to the notifications to join brawls and I always ignore them. Now when I started playing the brawls so I earn some merits. I did not know that I can use these merits to buy packs and later I got to know about it. There is another change that has happened recently in the game and now after the change, we are getting SPS tokens along with merits depending upon the winning ratio and the rank achieved by the guild.


I was able to accumulate more than 4000 merits last couple of weeks so today I utilise this and purchased to gladius packs. The gladius pack is not like the usual one that we can sell in the market. We can open the packs and all the cards can only be used to play on brawls and these cards are also non-tradable. This is a completely different setup in the game where we can utilize the cards to play the battle but there is no way that we can create the cards in the market however we can convert the cards into DEC tokens. With every bro I get some SPS reward as the guild I am part of plays well.

This is so easy that I just need to join the battle on time and placed my team and my party is done. The game will do everything and if my guild played well then I get the reward in form of merits and SPS tokens. This reward is not a big one but surely something that we can consider getting because it does not take much time to join and set up the team for battle.


This new thing is exciting for me and I am going to explore more about it to see how can make the most out of this. I can also upgrade my cards for a better gaming experience and hopefully, this will also contribute to my team doing well in the game. This segment of the game is basically a team-based activity where one person cannot do anything but with a team of people it can really make a difference. With the recent change in the reward mechanism for this has made it even more fun and rewarding and hopefully more people will be participating in this. Everyone wants to earn as much as SPS they can because this is the high-value coin in the ecosystem. I have already shared in my previous post that what are the ways I follow to increase my SPS holding and with these I get another way to get some more tokens added to my account.

Currently, the crypto market is down and this has also affected the SPS price in the market. I expect that with these I will manage by more tokens so that I can accomplish my SPS goal. I'm not worried about the current price because I have no plan to sell my holding instead I want to buy more and for this reason I expect the price to go down even more.

When we have long-term goals on the project then the current market fluctuation and the price value does not make any difference to me however the low price is a good opportunity that I want to grab as much as I can. There are many assets in the game which are worth buying at a discount these days but the problem is that I do not have enough money to buy them. These days the price for the hive is also very low so I do not want to sell my hi for SPS or to another asset at a low price.

Thank you

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