Happy World Environmental Day to Leo Family || 5 June 2021

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Happy World Environmental Day to Leo Family and I pray today that along with growth in technology we'll be able to recover our mother earth and we'll be able to make it the most peaceful place for each and every creature.

Today, 5 June 2021 (Saturday), is the** "World Environmental Day".**
In 1972 during the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human environment when Environment-related issues were discussed, the United Nations Assembly established this day for World Environment. From that day, on 5th June World Environmental day, is celebrated across the globe and this day reminds all the humans that they are not alone on this planet trillion of other creatures are also surviving on this planet.
The basic purpose behind the celebration of this day is to aware human about all the threats that our earth and all other creatures are facing due to pollution and climate changes. This helps to awake many people and they do a lot of new things for the improvement of the earth.

Every year, a different theme is decided that basically reflects one of the major problems that the earth is facing. The theme of World Environmental day of 2021 is "Ecosystem Restoration", and this year Pakistan globally hosts World Environmental day with the collaboration of the UH Environment Program, 143 countries participate in this and the event is hosted by the Prime minister of Pakistan "Imran Khan".


The term Ecosystem Restoration means the recovery of our ecosystem which is continuously degraded by humans by pollution, deforestation, and all other human activities. The restoration of the ecosystem can be done in multiple ways by planting trees, by reducing the use of all those materials that pollute the environment, by changing the diet system, by making the atmosphere smoke-free, and many more. This'll improve our lives.

Now it's our responsibility to save our planet, otherwise, it'll be the worst place for our upcoming generation. Although we cannot turn back, we are unable to go into the past to recover things, but the future is in our hands we can plant trees, we can clean our environment, we can clean our oceans we can make our earth green. This is a bitter reality that we are growing in technology and making this earth a robotic world and unfortunately, we humans put back our environment, which is very hurting. Growing in technology is not bad, but forgetting about our mother earth is hurting.

On this day I request all the influencers of the Leo Family ( @onealfa @leoschein @trumpman2 @meowcurator @edicted @scaredycatguide @oakshieldholding @taskmaster4450 @leomaniacsgr @brettpullen @schubes @aliento.leo @videosteemit @gualteramarelo ) with sharing technological knowledge kindly share the environmental knowledge. So maybe through this platform, we'll be able to aware those people who don’t know about the problems that the earth is facing.
Because we are the only generation that can save the earth with nature.


Let's Get Active, not worried
Let's be Bold, not Scared


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