bit-coin247 scamish

I went into this knowing full well it may be a scam but wanted to go down the rabbit hole to educate myself and others on what to look out…

It sounds like a scam alright, but not a very creative one!

If you have been reading my posts about you will know that I think it is a scam but I was willing to play along to see…

When is a scam not a scam?

The game continues I'm still in the game with What started as an experiment on how to get scammed intentionally has…

200% in three days!?

After three days I thought it was a good time to give an update about my experience with If you have seen my last…
@ammonite.leo/bit-coin247-com-any-experiences Any experiences

I got a phone call the other day from someone who represents the website Apparently, it was a cold call but he asked did I know anything…

Tips On Consistent Blogging On Hive

It saddens me to see lots of newbies fall off and give up on Hive because their expectations were just too much. They get too excited that…

Not True Wealth - sand sculpture

This is a cross post of @ammonite/not-true-wealth-sand-sculpture-qux2xz by @ammonite.I normally never have anything to share with the…

Not True Wealth - sand sculpture

I have a love/hate relationship with money. I love that when I have some of it my worries about not having some of it g

What a new free PC or Laptop? Not clickbait

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello, LBIer's. Last week we started the LeoFinance donation drive for "Help a CUB" and donations have been…

Introduction Post - GubbaTV Business Owner, Content Developer, Music Artist and Author

Hi! I'm Gubba 👋 About Me Online streamer at and content developer. I started from humble beginn

LBI: The Start To Steady Growth

To start, it was a good first couple of days for the LBI token project. The number of people who got involved is very impressive. Over…

Planting some seeds- HPUD

It's HPUD or Hive power Up Day and I have decided to put some money where my mouth is and power up around 600 Hive whic

Powered up to 6000

It's been a long time coming but finally, I have reached 6000 HP and wanted to post a little something to mark the occasion. I probably…
1 yr

What's @ stake - my thoughts

Pixabay What a wild ride it has been lately on Steem. It really seems like Justin kicked a hornets nest when he decided to
2 yr

It's rain coins, Hallelujah

It nearly seems that anytime I visit Steem these days that some new development has come along that is making all my time spent here…