It sounds like a scam alright, but not a very creative one!

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If you have been reading my posts about you will know that I think it is a scam but I was willing to play along to see what the scam was. Well, today I think I found out.
I received no trades to make today from Brian. With the crypto market going up and up I thought it a bit strange but I had lots of work to do with other things so it didn't really bother me.

In the evening I finally got a call from Brian (my own personal trader from the website) He told me he had exciting news. One, that Bitcoin had broken its ATH record. Good on you Bitcoin! and that Two, had decided that they were going to give all of their 200,000 users 50 bitcoin. Wow, oh wow. How generous. Say what you like about this website which doesn't show up in any web searches, They really know how to take care of their users. Brian told me I would get an official email about it later, here it is.


From my understanding, all I need to do is send them bitcoin and they will double it and send it back to me. If I remember correctly Elon Musk and Bill Gates tweeted about a similar deal. Correct me if I am wrong but that worked out very well for everyone involved.

I told Brian that I would think about it very seriously and talk tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I withdrew $70 back into my wallet just to be safe and it did come back. which was nice. I would like to continue the experiment with the $196 I still have on the site but have every intention of removing all my €100 capital over the next while.

I must say I will be sad if I have to end this experiment here, especially if I never get to know if it is genuinely a scam or not. Although I am not going to send .08btc ($5,390) to a faceless site I must admit I am enjoying the cat and mouse of the whole thing.

This is not financial advice. Ask a grown-up what to do with your money, not me.

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