Facebook is down. Hype HIVE! Hype LEO!

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Facebook is down!

According to Downdetector.com facebook is down and having issues. This is also affecting their Instragram and WhatsApp platforms.

Facebook is also down in the markets today. What is this the cause for such turmoil? What is embroiling this company?

Could whistleblower leaks and revelations revealed to 60 minutes *source: marketwatch be another 'down' for this mega-company? It seems there is massive blood in the water for this giant, the sharks may be circling.

If there was a great time to promote HIVE

It might be now.

I really enjoy this platform. I completely removed myself from facebook long ago and rarely look back. I sometimes wish more people local to me would hop off that bandwagon, but it takes time. The platforms get old and stale as all the cool kids have moved on. HIVE is a refuge from such a place, but it is also a solution.

Hey, while #facebookdown why not come over and give #HIVE a try? It is a blockchain social media that respects your privacy and rewards you for quality engagement. It is a great ecosystem and has one of the best #playtoearn games on it, #splinterlands! https://t.co/UUzXLC0QYj pic.twitter.com/h8z0ThTOlO

— Amphlux (@amphlux) October 4, 2021

There are many different entry points onto HIVE, from gaming to blogging to posting picture, audio and video content. I think my platforms/socials might reach the most people by pushing the gaming aspect so that's the angle I'm going with. Plus I really enjoy Splinterlands so why not.

So hey, I actively encourage everyone to get out there and promote HIVE with the lull of the massive social-media giant. Get out there and show the world there are better ways of doing online social media. All it takes is a small trickle of a stream to lead to a waterfall, or one flutter of a butterflies wings to lead to massive change. Give it a whirl. Post your promotional posts as comments below and I'll retweet them or whatever. Let's gooooooo!!

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