Engagement=Earnings , how much author rewards did Leo users earn only for their comments in past 7 days ?

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Good noon to everyone , I hope you all are doing well . As I have stated multiple times before , engagement is very important for any tribe/ platform but have you ever wondered how much you are earning from comments alone and not from posts?

Since we get the tokens once a day together for all rewards - author ( posts and comments ) , curation , comment benefactor . We tend not to calculate how much we have got for each individual activity .

This post tries to provide a picture of why engagement is important and to what extent engagement is rewarded on Leofinance .


  1. The below data is for payouts from 24th of February to 2nd of March .
  2. It concerns only with the comments .
  3. It concerns only with the comments that has #leofinance tag or #hive-167922 tag in it ( that means everything that appears on leofinance irrespective of where it is posted from )

Earning for engagement on LeoFinance.

Total Rewards earned for comments only by all users ( 24th Feb to 2nd March )

494.331 LEO = 1328 HIVE .

Mean author rewards earned from comments -

0.116 LEO = 0.311 HIVE .

Note - How is this calculated ? - Take all comments that has atleast 0.001 author rewards , add it up and divide it by total comments which had atleast 0.001 author rewards

Number of comment that got upvoted ( with author reward of atleast 0.001 LEO )


Number of users that got upvotes ( with author reward of atleast 0.001 LEO )


Number of comments upvoted vs not upvoted


This means that every 1 in 4 comments gets upvoted on Leofinance which will give atleast 0.001 author rewards for the engager.

DateWise author rewards for comments

DateAmount of author rewards for comments in LEO

Top 10 highest earners for engagement

UserAmount in LEO

Highest rewards for a single comment for the above mentioned period-

Engagement Project

This is the reason why I started my Engagement project too . . This is why I rank top 25 engagers from 4 different tribes - LEO , SPORTS , CTP , STEM - based on their quality of comments and vote them everyday ( upvote weights are also calculated based on the quality of comments ).

Note- only comments made from that respective frontend is counted for ranking - this is done to increase traffic for the frontends.

If you like this and want to delegate here are the curation account - I pay dividends to the delegators every week -

LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports

Final words -

We see many whales like @onealfa.leo and @taskmaster4450le providing valuable upvotes for comments. Why do they do that? Well according to me it's because they understand the value of engagement . Quality comments and engagement are as import as quality posts .

More than 1328 HIVE worth of LEO upvotes was given in 7 days which is worth 400 USD at the current price . An average of 57.14 $ per day for only comments .

Every 1 in 4 comments are upvoted according to the data . We have to keep in mind that majority of the bot replies doesn't get upvoted so you have to exclude that.

Also the above data is only for author rewards , if you want to calculate the total value of comments ( author + curation rewards ) just double everything .

Isn't that amazing ? What do you feel about this ?

If you like to know how much you earned for the above period for only your engagement let me know in the comments , I will provide your earnings for you .

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