RE: Engagement Project dividends report . POB - 144.2 %,LEO - 18.35 %, CTP - 22.05 % , SPORTS - 26.94 % ,DUNK - 162.9 %

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Yeah the decrease in APR for a few tokens is due to increasing users and their stake.

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I think there is a scope for improving the #stem APR which is sitting at just 10%. I guess there are many comments which are not rewarded on the stem platform. If there are unused votes I feel some of the comments made from #stem platform can be rewarded to improve the APR further. #dunk is emerging as the new leader in the engagement project.

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Yeah, that is the main reason. To be upvoted by this project, comments have to be made from the native front-end, in #STEM case Actually I noticed that most comments made through this front end will get upvoted, because there aren't that many. I guess many comments on STEM posts are made through generic front-ends (peakd, But in the description above, it says one of the goals of the engagement project is to increase the traffic to the various front-ends. Hence this requirement for upvote.