Updating Curation script and changing some delegation payout rules

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Good evening to everyone , I hope you all are doing great .

I would like to inform to everyone here couple of changes made to the engagement project related aspects .

Update to the Curation script

Well till last week what I used to do is , I used to get the details of 25 engagers ( 50 engagers in case of POB ) and then upvote their comments ( randomly chosen permlink ) using a script that I have written .

But then I saw that we were losing many tokens because of the "Vote Power" .

  1. As you already know , as the voting power reduces the upvote value reduces .

  2. Which means 100% upvote at 100% voting power is greater than 100% upvote at 90% voting power .

So when I checked for LEO and POB curation details , I came to know that we were losing around 0.7-1 LEO per day and 16-20 POB per day because of this .

So I have changed my curation script and created a bot which will do the exact same thing but only upvotes when the voting power is above 95% .

I have been running the script from past 7 days and everything is working smoothly .

So to depict it visually .

Till 30th June , I used to run the script and it used to upvote all tip engagers at once but from 31st , you can see that the bot takes its time.

Voting pattern of @amr008.pob ( percentage wise)


Some change of rules to delegation payouts .

Well I am very very greatful to all the delegators of all tokens . I can't even put in words how much you have helped the community and engagement indirectly .

Every day I get tagged ( or my curation account gets tagged) by one or other person saying they get motivated to engage because of the engagement project .

The credits must go to all of you because you believed in the project and continue to support it every week .

Well the support is so good that everyday I get delegations in various tokens that my project supports .

Now this is affecting negatively on some old delegators actually , why? Because sometimes a new delegator delegates on Friday to the project and sunday I will have to distribute the dividends to him too although his delegation was only for 2 days at that point .

So let's say a person delegates 1000 LEO on Friday , in order for the project to get rewards it takes 7 days right ? But on Sunday he/she will be getting the dividends which impacts negatively on old delegators .

Although I am providing better APR from first week , I still want to make sure my delegators are happy with the returns .

So the change is - 7 days average

From today , a snapshot is taken everyday of the delegations to all my curation accounts .

On the payout day 7 days average will be taken and the dividends will be paid based on that average .


So let's say you have already delegated 100 LEO to my project till now and on Thursday you decide to delegate 50 more .

So the average becomes Monday + tuesday + so on / 7 which is (100 + 100 + 100 + 150 + 150 + 150 + 150) / 7 = 128.5 LEO .

On sunday instead of 150 LEO , you will get the dividends for 128.5 LEO because it shouldn't affect other delegators .

Note that if you delegate on Tuesday , the average will be better than 128.5 .

Let me know what you think about these changes , I take every single feedback seriously .

Thank you for reading .


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