POB Update: Set @pob-fund as Beneficiary for POB Development!

Recently @no-advice finished his power down and returned all of the POB Volume reached $200 $300 and price reached $0.20 on…

When HBD is higher then a $ , always use a market

Ok so everyone on may already know but it wasn’t something that I instinctively understood so am going to post it and hopefully if it…

POB drives the growth of my entrepreneurship . With my income in POB I have bought my stand mixer.!

Hi Hi.! 😊 My brain is more of a cook and confectioner than anything else, that's why I love making recipes for various sweets and…

Why I Need to Stop Using Peakd and Focus on Proof of Brain

It was March of 2019 that I finally received an email from #steemit that provided me with my eagerly awaited Steem blockchain keys. My…

Why I've been powering down

For the past few weeks, I've been powering down my Hivepower. In other projects this would be known as "unstaking". I'd like to share my…

Hive Powerup Day - May 2021 - Supporting Blockchain and Crypto

This is my first post in the Leo Finance frontend. I have been wanting to be a part of the Leo community since day one. I quickly realized…

How To Start Your Hivelist Store- Part 1: Sign Up As A Vendor

Hello everyone. This post is a step by step tutorial on how to register as a vendor for the to be able

Hive SEO Guide - How to Write Kick-Ass SEO-Friendly Content?

While most of us are aware of how important creating search engine optimized (SEO) content is, only a rare few individuals on Hive…

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Impermanent Loss

Photo from Stanley Kubrick's How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb There has been a lot of FUD about impermanent loss…

Community Driven. Results Focused. Hive Twitter Marketing (organised by @NathanMars)

Updated on 3rd May. The final version will available on 1st June to get brutally honest feedback from our community. A startup that…

Finally, I am worth something. :) Finally. ( key words: sports online cryptco ana clark candian kingston ontario)

Here I am. My vote is finally worth something. I can give back Something. My vote is worth something without the help of @snook or…

Mad World Song - Reflections from the inspiration - Ana Clark Canadian Writer

... and I find it kind of funny ... I find it kind of sad ... that the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had ...…

Music IS Life - how music saves me - my fav music list

Music is Life Hello fellow music lovers. Music is my life. I am certain that I wouldn't be alive to type this now without the…

Just bought 1000 Hive and Powered up to 70K! Yay!

I think a 10K Hive Power Milestone is worth a quick celebratory post. The recent drop in crypto prices encouraged me to trade some of my…


source If you are doing well in the traditional market trading it may sound odd to you that the future lays down for digital…

Lights Are Green, Engines Are Firing Up! If You're Not Riding the Crypto Rocket Yet, You Better Hurry...

| [▶️ Watch on Odysee](

Need a dApp Dev. Send help.

I just had a personal problem come up that I was incapable of solving. I need software/app/dapp/site that has a specific utility. As…

Please Read Hivians! Marketing and Advertising is Necessary: It's time to bite as loud as your bark!

WAKE UP Hivians! Marketing and Advertising is Necessary: This isn't a blog about Candy Crush. Wait for it... I'm a Candy Crush addict.…

Big Growth For LEO Finance & Hive Requires Education & Feeding Imaginations

What do we need to focus on to rapidly grow Hive and Hive powered sites such as LEO , 3Speak and others? Let's talk about…

The Steem News @ 8 March 2020 - Steem/Tron Edition - Exchanges Power Down...

The Steem / Tron battle rolls on. The fighting has largely taken to the centralised streets of Twitter Town. Under strong pressure…