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Interesting how you call Hive a game. First, I've replaced all games that I play, with Hive activities (which were not many games, but I was unhealthily addicted to Candy Crush after the first wave of the pandemic). Additionally, I do feel like Hive is a game in ways. Life is a game, in it's own ways, in general.

For example, one must learn about Hive to be successful, they must learn about the social dynamics and not to get stuck in a corner or caught up in drama yet also know how to be on the right site (ie: when we had to decide, Hive or Steem), one must learn what buttons to push, where, when, and why, what cards to play- when, where, and why, what rooms to go into (ie: communities and frontends), what treasures to be found (ie: giveaways, contests, etc), collection of coins and what to do with the coins, and so much more.

Hive isn't something like FB where one can slap an email into a box, click on 'invite' and 'accept' buttons and be on their way. It's just not that simple.

Hive is a game and one must learn how to play, how they will play, to get the results that they aim for.

It took me a VERY long time of reading and research to learn how to navigate Hive

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