Why I Need to Stop Using Peakd and Focus on Proof of Brain

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It was March of 2019 that I finally received an email from #steemit that provided me with my eagerly awaited Steem blockchain keys. My expression of glee was outwardly loud. I had essentially been waiting years for my keys.

See, it was years prior that I applied for an account, but my application must of gotten lost in the woodworks. Eventually I moved on and forgot about the website. Fast forward a few years: one day while sitting in front of a screen I thought, “I’m tired of writing great content on Facebook and getting no return on time, research, knowledge/education nor the quality interaction.” As I began to search in the Google browser for “social media that pays” and similar wording changes, the memory of my application years ago came back to me.

It took me hours of searching to finally find Steemit again. I applied, again. This second time I actually received my keys!

I was confused from the initial moment (the keys) and continue to open doors into new confusion.

"Confused" by Guudmorning! Creative Commons ©

I expected to make money on Steemit. Not fluffs, but a revenue per post that could offset living costs. The disappointment that instant, fast income flow was improbable had constantly caused me to waver. I felt like I was wasting my time and believed that the Whales were feeding off of red fish. (I’ve since learned that it’s more complex that that and Whales have, or could have, different and multiple ways to establish growth).

Then the hard fork came along. I stuck around the community and packed my bags to move to Hive, adjusted my witnesses, read a lot of drama, went into lockdown, had some emotional life breakdowns (due to lockdown) and then left Hive behind like a lost sock in the dryer.

Eventually I started using my old Wordpress websites and even paid for one of them. I had chosen to Wordpress over Hive because I wrongly thought it to be more visually appealing. It really isn’t. A blog is a blog, and aside from a few minor navigation aesthetics, a blog is only as visually appealing as the content that the creator applies.

"Art Piece 7" by GlitterandFrills Creative Commons ©
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5572631859

I enjoyed being on Wordpress and very much enjoyed the properly written quality content. I developed a number of genuine readers and started making acquaintances.

Then one day I decided to copy paste a Wordpress publication to Hive. I believed that I would stay primarily committed to WP blog- that didn’t happen. I rapidly dove back into Hive with a better understanding and respect for how the blockchain worked and not how I wanted it to.

I began to understand the different frontends of Hive better. I recall a time where I questioned why there were so many different places “for the same website.” No Ana... they are DIFFERENT sites (frontends) that all operate under one login on the blockchain. To help me grasp, I began thinking of Hive like a universe with different planets that had different neighborhoods- no borders/countries. Regular old internet was visualized as one planet with different countries.

My understanding expanded and my appreciation and love for the blockchain exploded.

Not long after being back, I decided to take my funds out of Wealthsimple (I was going to invest in Coinbase) and apply it to an alt Hive account for curating. I wanted to move up in the ranks and I wanted to be of more value and a bigger (albeit, still small) part of the evolution here.

My returns on activity started actually happening. At first I was happy but I’m the type who isn’t happy for long. I want more and expect more of myself. If others could do it, and I was seeing that others could, than I would.

Today I had a revelation, posting outside of communities was going to take me ages to see the progress that I wanted. There’s different types of community members and Content Creators will always be at the bottom of the social and economic tier if not using the specific community .io dApps

I’ve A/B tested, researched Creators, curators, devs, investors, informers, and promoters activity and their social circles, posts, frequency, time of day, length on Hive or Steem, and learned of people’s side projects. Then, upvoted “recents” to support low value articles- then trending- then hot- then curations- promos in Discord; I have watched videos when cooking dinner and listened to audio while cleaning, to learn and genuinely comment on Dolphins and Whales publications. I’ve read long post of knowledgeable, popular people who are the ones with the REAL votes; commented, entered some contests, created very diverse content, settled into frontends and communities that suit me; I post photos, poetry, short stories, finance, parental, nature, reviews; I have developed good friends from Hive on discord where I often hang around; I have done everything to produce an increase in rewards, and still am overlooked by those with the power to help me grow.

Photo by Nick Fewings with Creative Commons ©

My votes on my content are stagnant around 0.04 and if I’m lucky I’ll smile at a 2.00. If I’m lucky. If.

I spend hours writing content- sometimes researching, editing format, grammar and word selections (addicted to the thesaurus), then searching the perfect stock photo or editing then uploading my own images.

I have learned about crypto and nearly every spare second that I have goes into checking stock value or researching crypto and other blockchains. I have reached history of everything, politics, and even spent hours educating myself on security breaches throughout years. (Facebook is a mess).

Still, no one with a coin shares the love.

I should correct myself- there are a few that have expressed appreciation via a decent vote. One of those people is someone whom I have developed a small social connection with due to our mutual love of dnb. But, he’s taking a Hive vacation right now. Another, I’ll call him E, pops his head over to support me occasionally. I have my friends who are amazing and exceptionally motivating. Thank you friends.

Now, before you start thinking that all these things are just vote fishing; I ONLY comment on content genuinely. And I diversify my social behaviour.

I know this all takes time, I’m okay with that because I love this. I love writing, I love reading, I love crypto, I love expanding my mind, I love the blockchain, I love the social aspect and amazing people.

But just because I love love love all things pertaining to Hive, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see my account grow. I have soiled blood and sweat, sanity, time, faith and personal finances into Hive. There’s no reason that I shouldn’t be getting the votes that I deserve.

"Poor man showing empty pocket" by wuestenigel is licensed under CC
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/47844383282

It’s not just me that I’m talking about. Like I said, I’ve been researching like crazy and nearly everyone is getting overlooked. The big voters literally ignore 99.9999999% of Hivians. “Didn’t see that” or “Don’t know you” aren’t valid excuses. I have shoved myself in faces; just enough to be seen yet not too much that I’m annoying. I backed off of a few people who I attempted to communicate establish awareness with because it was exceptionally apparent that they wanted nothing to do with me. I have no desire to annoy anyone into voting me.

I want genuine votes. I know that I write worthy content, so when I’m making myself seen it is only so people know I exist- NOT to beg or annoy for votes or reblogs. Please don’t give me a cookie and tell me to go outside and play with the little children.

I’m not going to name names, but we all know who the people are that actually produce the numbers that we look for when checking Hive in the morning, noon, bed, and on the toilet.

I don’t get you wallet holders. Your posts make $150-400 each day or so but you can’t tap your finger or push that button for someone like me? I see your votes for the same people repetitively,(who are also big wallet holders) at the top of the vote list; $25? $10?

And why in the rare circumstance that these people do vote for the little fish, do they lower the value to $1 - $4?

That’s like leaving a waitress $.10 cents. You just voted $25 to a dolphin or whale then toss flecks dust in a red fishes gills? And sometimes the $300 post isn’t even that deep nor remarkable. Do you think we are all morons? Do you not respect us? Do you not respect fellow humans? Why?

"humanity. love. respect." by B.S. Wise is licensed CC
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4621075758


After much research and a new understanding of the social and financial dynamics here, I’ve decided to drastically decrease my posts via Peakd. #proofofbrain is so new that the community is smaller. The degree of separation is not a thing. I’m not feeling invisible, ignored, lost our like I’m trying to be part of the cool kids group.

I have decided to focus my time more on #pob because I think that there might be a chance that I’m not going to get lost in the crowd and treated like an ant.

I also love #naturalmedicine. If I had to build a house on Hive, NM is the neighborhood I fit in the most. I’m not sure why I’ve not posted a lot more there already. #cine and #musicforlife should expect to see much more of me also. #leo is unavoidable now that I’m getting deep into crypto (I’m also teaching my 14y child).

I really do like the Peakd frontend so I’m sad to have to back off. I’m just not as welcomed and appreciated the way that I feel I should be and have proven myself to be.

I hope that those of you who have the power here understand and take what I’m saying to heart. I’m not the only one and unless behaviours are changed, there will only be a growing number of Hivians who eventually see what I have broken-heartedly opened my eyes to.

"Broken heart" by Paula Satijn Creative Commons ©
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/24310549635

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