Justin Sun plays hero to win over WSB to steem?

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So it seems like the lord an saviour Justin Sun is trying to win over the WSB crowd by flexing his muscles and telling them that:

20 mil $TRX community supports u!

I just hope that people see through this and don't buy in to this b*llshit. Justin has a long history of shady businesses and is not really one who should talk about decentralization and power to the little man.


Instead of this the WSB should find it's new home overe here at Hive and I know there are alot of people out there fighting and convining people on joining us, just hope these types of stunts will make Justin Sun "win".

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1 yr

Eventually Hive community will be discovered by the main stream


I believe so as well, I just want us to take advantage of the opportunities that comes our way :)