New Gartner report shows that 5% of companies plans to invest in Bitcoin in 2021

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A new survey from the consulting company Gartner shows that a large part of the corporate world is still doubtful about Bitcoin.
Last week, the electric car giant Tesla attracted a lot of attention when it announced that it had bought Bitcoin for $1.5 billion, and made more profit in that investment than it has made buidling and selling cars.

Following the announcement, the price of the cryptocurrency has soared, and many see the entry of the electric car company as an example of institutional investors, such as large companies and super-rich people, becoming increasingly interested in buying Bitcoin.
The question is whether other cmpanies will also follow Elon Musk's companies into the new market. A new study from the large consulting company Gartner is trying to find out just this.

77 managers surveyed

In the survey, Gartner asked 77 executives whether their company plans to invest in Bitcoin. Of these, 50 are CFOs of their companies, while the remaining 27 have other leading positioners.

Five percent of those surveyed said their company plans to buy Bitcoin this year. One percent answered that they will buy the cryptocurrency either in 2022 or 2023. Nine percent answered that they plan to buy - but that it will be 2024 or later.
Among those surveyed, - unsurprisingly - the technology companies were the most positive. Of these, 50 percent answered that they expect their company to own bitcoin at some point in the future.

Not inclined to make speculative leaps

So why are most of the companies negative about the cryptocurrency? Above all, it seems to manage the risk.

84 percent answered that they see the volatility of the cryptocurrency as a problem, and 39 percent said that they do not believe that the company's board would agree to invest in the cryptocurrency. Another 38 percent answered the non-attributes that bitcoin was used as a means of payment.

Gartner's research chef, Alexander Brandt, is also at risk when he comments on the survey.

It is important to remember that this is a big new phenomenon when it comes to corporate assets. Financial leaders tasked with ensuring stability are not inclined to make speculative leaps into unknown territory.

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