From Slave to Financial Freedom to Full Circle + The Wolf in Cashmere

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From Slave to Financial Freedom to Full Circle

Will it be the same for me? Sadly, most likely. It seems no matter how cheap we are, we tend to get more into the cult of luxurious lifestyles, or at least until there's a genuine awakening, if ever any.

You know, from street food once in a while to brunch whenever just because, from local bars to fancy needlessly expensive night clubs, and from "clothes are clothes" to designer clothes and only chilling with who's who's.

Depending on the frequency, luxuries aren't so bad but indulged in too much, you might just get addicted and/or downright enslaved.

Now, will it be the same for me? Sadly, most likely yes, as it seems the chase for status and the need to keep up with the Jonesses are inevitable, I just hope it will be barely noticeable or at least not exaggerated.

The Wolf in Cashmere:

Anywho, the video below below talks about Bernard Arnault, the third richest man in the World as of the posting of the video.

Bernard is a French titan in the fashion industry who's made a killing out of making the 10% part with their millions, and owning most of those fancy fashion brands who's names you can't pronounce.

Dude has turned selling things no one needs to millionaires into an art/science and even in his seventies he shows no signs of stopping. Now, I may not be a fashion buff, but I gotta give respect to Bernard's hustle.

It's a great watch, hope you enjoy it and of course, tell me; Will you end up being a big spender/have been a big spender or remain a cheapstake/have remained cheap once true financial success comes/came your way?



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