In the Words of the Great Allen Iverson, I'm Talking about Practice

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Well turns out the new system has been a welcome addition in more ways than one. Yes the extra juicy rewards but also, practice.

Yes sirs and sirettes I'm talkin bout good old practice.

Due to the semi forced usage when Focused on, one can't help but gain some affinity for their weak Splinters.


Take the Water splinter for example;

As OP as it generally is, it ain't one of my fortes. I been getting it's Focus for the last 2 days, safe for a level 6 summoner and a few Neutrals I haven't stacked my Waters and still, my win to loss ratio has noticeably improved, currently still improving in Gold I.

Now, one could argue that many of the OP players have already moved up to Diamond, or that the sleeping giants are still zzing, or, who knows who cares.

Massive Ws, claws crossed it stays so.


A Battle du Day


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