The Value Of Time We May Often Forget

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Experience is expensive. Sometimes it takes years in our lives to be able to experience certain experiences and take lessons from them.

My experience with finance comes in a way that is not easy. The greatest experience was when I got to know blockchain. My mindset about time and money has changed enormously.

Back when I worked in a big city, I thought I would be happy when I had an above-average salary. It took several years before I realized that I had lost the most precious treasure in this life, namely time.

At that time I was busy working and had to be away from my mother.

Time Cannot Be Repeated


Time is the most precious treasure in this world. Time just flies by without giving us a chance to start over. This is different from money, which, although it is very valuable, we can always look for again.

There are things that we don't deserve to exchange for a working time even though later from that job we can get money. It is about being with the people we care about.

From the times I spent with my parents who just disappeared, I learned to make the most of my time. The more I use my time as effectively as possible, the more valuable it will be.

Do Your Best and Don't Delay

Some people often feel unworthy of doing something until they have money. They attach importance to work and postponement to be with the people they care about.

It is better if we have a connected balance of the value of time and money that results in a harmonious life with our loved ones.

Work as best as we can and don't delay. It is the best thing to make our time precious.


The most important thing is not to do something late, such as enjoying time with our loved ones.

So what I want to say here is not to let us trade our time for money.

It's okay if we work with not too much income. While that can allow us to pay attention to our family and loved ones.

We can always get money again and again with many things in this world when we lose money. But that doesn't apply to time. We can't get our time any more and the opportunities are always passing by every day.

So do not let us make the wrong decisions in life just to feel that we have a lot of money.


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