The Historical Place of Cebu City (Fort San Pedro)

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*" Yesterday was a lesson that left us pain that made us into invulnerable.”

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20230811_152452.jpg Fort San Pedro Front View

When I was in college, I only knew that Fort San Pedro was just a tourist spot in Cebu. Then, I realized that this place has a history. That's why a lot of tourists visited here in Fort San Pedro which is located inside the Plaza Independencia. Cebu City. I had seen mostly Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese there. They went there with their friends and neighbors. They hired Filipinos as their tour guide. They often used the rent bus.

The tourists were really enjoyed their trip. They never missed to capture the important history in Cebu.

I am hoping that this place will attract more tourists so that this fort will be famous with other nationalities.

The Paintings inside the Fort San Pedro*









When you're already in Fort San Pedro, you can see the history of Fort San Pedro by reading the text written below or beside the paintings. Additionally, you will learn how Filipinos adopted Catholicism from Spaniards and other information about Cebu's history.

Otherwise, there are many paintings about the Spaniards who came here in Cebu. One of those was Ferdinand Magellan who had battled against Lapu-Lapu. Magellan died in the hands of Lapu-Lapu, who was the leader or chief of Mactan.

Don't ever forget to read all the information inside the Fort San Pedro to be aware the history of Cebu. *

The view at the top

When you go up, you can see the overlooking view of Plaza Independencia. At the top, there are three corners because of the triangular form of Fort San Pedro. Every corner has a turret as the watchtower of the Spaniards. There are many bastions placed at the corners for the protection against the enemies.

20230811_152103.jpg Pathway of the Triangular Side There are plants around while walking here. This way is best for photoshoots.

20230811_150829.jpg The Turret (at the top)



20230811_151056.jpg The bastions are placed at the top.

20230811_151035.jpg This the hallway in front of Fort San Pedro face to Plaza Independencia. *

The Military in the Fort San Pedro



This was the Military uniform at that time there in Fort San Pedro. They have staff who wear the uniform and the tourists can take pictures with them. *

The things that allowed to be done inside:

The couple can do their wedding prenuptial shoots. My sister had her prenuptial shoot inside the Fort San Pedro but don't forget to ask permission before doing it as formality.

The students can film their drama inside. They mostly filmed the drama which was related to the History of the Philippines. When I had my Rizal subject in college, some of my classmates got the scenes inside the Fort San Pedro. During my visit there while capturing these photos, I still saw students filming their drama while wearing "Filipiniana" clothes (Traditional Dress for Women). Still, they ask permission to the people who took care of the Fort.

You can take a picture of the Uniform Military.

There are group of people playing music instruments inside.

You can take a picture above with the overlooking view of Plaza Independencia.

The couple can have a date inside the Fort as long as they pay the entrance fee. *

Screenshot_20230915_195911_Maps.jpg A screenshot location of Fort San Pedro

Location: A. Pigafetta Street, Cebu City (Inside Plaza Independencia)

Entrance Fee: 30 PHP

Open Time: 8 a.m to 7 p.m

How to get there?

Just ride a taxi and tell the driver to stop by in front of Fort San Pedro. Otherwise, you must hire a tourist guide for your safety in going to the place.

It took few minutes from SM Cebu but 30 minutes to 1 hour from the International Airport when there is heavy traffic along the way. However, it is near when you pass the third bridge which is the CCLEX (Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway). You can ride by taxi, mini bus or jeepney.

*Note: The Fort San Pedro is in the inside of Plaza Independencia Cebu.

After you visit Fort San Pedro, I recommend you to walk around in the historical plaza and the museum. The museum is near at Plaza Independencia.

Anyway, beware of the thieves around. They target people who are innocent of the place. Don't go there by yourself. Then, don't ever wear your gold jewelries there. It's better to keep it at home.