How to Buy PolyCub - Tutorial

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If you want to know how to buy PolyCub and be part of the next generation of DeFi Yield Farming, then this video is for you!

PolyCub is based on the Polygon Network but it also bridges assets with the Hive Blockchain, how cool is that?

This video is the second part of the Tutorial series about Polycub by Leo Finance.

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Nice information brother


Thanks, I'm looking into making CUB tutorials once I'm done with pCUB.


We missed you at the chess tournament!


Yeah man I'm so sorry, I've been completely swarmed with work these past few weeks... I owe my opponents an apology over discord!


Wonderful and explanatory video. Yay! I hope this information brings a whole new set of people joining and believing the project!


Thanks man! If you have any feedback I highly appreciate it!


No, it's great. I enjoyed watching.

Btw, you seem to be busy of late. Missed chess games and some couple of msgs I threw you :)

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It's a pretty explanatory video. Thanks.

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I'm glad you found it useful mate!