RE: What's Next for Project Blank? | Mobile View, Show Parent Thread, GIFs and Image Stacking

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It'll be fun to add some predictability to our release schedule as well.

This is incredibly important and something people will like! Having a set schedule is a huge step for reliability and perception, love to hear it!

The mobile update is going to be huge, I already use mobile on bed (and the toilet lol) so this update is very much welcomed.

So glad to hear about the parent Thread, sometimes I feel like I'm jumping into a halfway convo and I have no way of knowing whatsup, this will increase engagement by a lot.

Can't wait to reply with GIFs, I already have my reaction folder ready to be unleashed lol

Overall this is a great post, love to see how much is in store for this week!

WenMoon? SoonMoon

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