The Daily Leo #89 - Gaslighting on the "Strong Dollar", Cali's water emergency, and local crypto tokens in Asia

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Central Bankers Are Gaslighting Us About The "Strong Dollar"

Rather, the reputedly strong dollar is being discussed in a context of how harmful it is, and how we must explore ways to make the dollar weaker as soon as politically feasible. Such talk must be heartily opposed, of course, as the dollar is not "too strong," Rather, talk of the dollar's...

California’s Water Emergency

In just the past month, as California temperatures soared during a drought so severe some experts say it hasn’t been this parched in 1,200 years, about 250 wells, mostly in the state’s breadbasket, have gone dry. They’re part of the more than 1,100 California wells that have...

Central Bankers Are Gaslighting Us About The "Strong Dollar"

The 75 basis-point interest rate increase was largely priced into the market, and most observers expected it. Some anticipated—and feared—a 100 basis-point hike, or 1 percent. Nevertheless, the market responded negatively to the...

A Look At The Lightning Network

-A truly decentralized and permissionless payment network requires its own underlying self-custodial digital bearer asset. If instead it runs on top of the fiat currency system or relies on external custodial arrangements at its foundation, then it is neither decentralized nor permissionless....

Indonesia Has Global Plans for Local Crypto Tokens

In Indonesia, the use of crypto as a currency for payments is forbidden under both local regulations and Islamic law – which applies to roughly 87% of the country’s 273 million people. Crypto assets, however, are classified as commodities in...

Crypto payments with Binance enabled in Bahrain

The third-smallest country in Asia, Bahrain, has been actively adopting cryptocurrency over the past few years. In 2019, the CBB issued a framework for a range of crypto-related activities, officially establishing rules for licensing, governance, risk management, Anti-Money Laundering standards, reporting, security and...

Ripple Moves To Block SEC’s Delaying Court Proceedings

Ripple Labs, its CEO Brad Garlinghouse and its executive chairman Chris Larsen said in a filing dated September 20th that the SEC is engaging in a “transparent attempt” to delay the resolution of the lawsuit in which the markets regulator alleges the payments firm issued XRP as an unregistered security....

Are You Hodling HBD and HIVE? Earn Over 53.32% APY

LeoThreads is the hottest new feature to hit LeoFinance and Hive as a whole. Threads is true micoblogging on the Hive blockchain and is literally changing the way people use the platform as a whole. Since the open beta release about a month ago, there have been constant updates and improvements...

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75 bs interest rate strengthened the dollar that is losing its purchasing power every single day. If it sounds dramatic, think about the rest of fiat currencies 😅

Thanks for daily Leo and information mate ✌🏼

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