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Threads is Twitter on the Hive Blockchain...

On steroids.

While riding a T-rex.

Monetizable, Decentralized, Immutable, with in-dapp transactions, and on top of that, it is Censorship-proof.

That's as simple as it gets. But there's obviously a better explanation for what *Threads are, and this post will aim to solve every question about the new Leo Finance interface, which will be focused mainly on this feature.

Short form content for everyone and every topic

Wait, but isn't Leo Finance a Hive frontend where users can post only about crypto projects, finance, money and all that boring stuff?

Yes, you are correct. Leo Finance as a long form content frontend welcomes every user that publishes any kind of content that is money-related, or that is posted with a money-mindset by the Hive author.

But Threads are not only for Finance related topics

Because Threads is Twitter on the Hive Blockchain. Just like on Twitter, any user can post about anything using the Threads interface.

Threads is a short form content platform for users to share their knowledge or opinion about any and every topic, or engage with other users while talking about basically anything and everything.

Threads gives Hive users - and any user for that matter - the chance to engage on-chain in short form bursts just like they would on Twitter and earn $LEO rewards in the process!

If you don't believe me, look at the picture below:


I posted about my dogs, the content is clearly not Finance related, but as I mentioned, Threads are for everyone and for every topic! The only rule is that it's got to be short-form content, just like Tweets!

Threads are not meant to replace the existing Hive Frontends. Threads are here to provide Hive users an extra layer for engagement and interaction with other Hive users.

It's been only one hour since I hit publish and I already got three replies on my thread...


Twitter is so popular because of the simplicity and intuitiveness of the app, but it is also so widely adopted because it is easy to use, engage and swipe down.

This is what Threads = which is Twitter on the Hive Blockchain - will achieve, with the HUGE difference that on Threads, users can monetize their content by earning $LEO.

If a Hiver/Lion uses Threads correctly, they can even promote their own posts on Threads and reach w wider audience! The best way to promote a Hive post is to include a description of the post and perhaps use some sort of cliffhanger to make users browsing threads click on their link.

Hivers can also get to know other people that they otherwise would never even hear of because of the compartmentalization that Hive communities have engraved.

Think about it, a Homesteader might never hear about an awesome Foodie blogger because they simply do not share any interests in common, neither of them follow anyone in common (so reblogs are useless), and neither of them browses the created/trending pages and will never stumble upon each other's content.

But with Threads, they can get to know each other, interact, find out they like each other, and they will follow each other!

Threads opens a door that wasn't even there to begin with on the Hive Blockchain. Considering the tens of thousands of active users Hive has, Threads allows users to scan for awesome authors is a simple, scrollable-down way.

Threads as a gateway to engagement and post promotion

As I mentioned above, Threads allow Hive users to engage with each other and earn $LEO in the process.

But that's not enough!

Threads also open up the possibility for Hive users to promote their Peakd, Actifit, 3speak or any other front-end content directly on Threads as a link, just like they would share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

If you don't believe me, check out how @jimmy.adames shared his @Actifit daily workout on Threads and, even though it is not finance-related content, he can still earn $LEO by engaging with other users:


It's that simple

All you have to do is come to Threads, log-in with keychain, and start threading.

Threads - The conversation starter.*

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