Investment Specialist my A$$!

Surely, shilling joke coins is the key for the masses to take cryptocurrency seriously Obligatory /s No, but seriously what is up…


A few days ago the Hive marketing proposal ad campaign has started. Our Ad dashboard is ready and we have received the first

Probably not a good time to invest in Nyan Cat Coin then...😞

Dog Memes are played out tbh But have we forgotten about Nyan Cat??? I'm imagi

This is no time to panic - This is a perfect time to panic! - Toy Story: Bulls vs Bears

If Coinbase Pro could open so I can buy the dip, that would be great...

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie - Not FUD!

Was about to downvote what I thought was FUD and then... MP4 version uploaded to my premium Skynet powered by SiaCoin

You don't lose on your CUB investment so why the freak out?


When ETC decides to PUMP after you sold! 😖

Sometimes, this is just how the crypto cookie crumbles... Watch video with audio on @dtube

Brainy Poetry/ a fun word salad...or not

Ahhhh poetry, who doesn't just love it? As a weirdo who doesn't like being online too much and almost becomes orgasmic when I am not…

Top Ten Rules of Crypto

The other day @onealfa was listing off some rules for crypto in the LEO Discord. Apparently rule #2 was HODL. So of course I decided I…

Noise.Cash Crypto Tribalist VS Giga Chad Web 3.0 Enjoyer

I'm sure most of y'all already heard of the noise.cash controversy GIF version of the meme created exclusively for the @memehub…

FileCoin API fumble resulting in SiaCoin turnover! 🏈

Looks like somebody dropped the ball... Recently, FileCoin, a major cloud-storage cryptocurrency, had an issue due to a critical…

Freedom Based Economics

Hi Everyone, The application of economics has been around since people first started interacting with each other. However, it was not…

Buying and Selling Game Contest #17 – 30 Hive to be won

Hi Everyone, Welcome to the ‘Buying and Selling’ Game. How to play? The ‘Buying and Selling’ Game involves three simple steps.

Bad Luck Brian with no BNB - CUB Airdrop Problems

The struggle is real Had sold my BNB as I had intended to move away from Binance as one of my exchanges after their role in the Steem…

The First Ever Cross-Chain Hybrid Claimdrop | Completely Redesigned and CUB Drop is Now Live!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on this claim drop. It was intended to go out Monday morning and then we pushed it back 24 hours. Then…

Curator Cat on the Power of Hive's Communities: Part 3 — What Makes a Community "Sticky?"

Greetings all you amazing Felines and Hoomans of LeoFinance and Greater Hivelandia! Hope this week has been going well for you... exciting…

Are you interested in joining HiveFive100 Crypto Club ?

Initial details about HiveFive100 Crypto club is coming out tomorrow. Entrepreneurship is about trial and error. It has been almost 8…

Technical Analysis "Experts" Be Like...

Dumb dumb dumb dumb DUMB! Elliot Wave theory? Psh! Don't make me laugh! Who needs that shit when you have a hat and some SEER…

Powerup Dominance & Inflation Control

Most of us know what dominance is in terms of Bitcoin market cap. On Coin

CoinPot Selective Scammed? - No Coin For You! 👨‍🍳

You may recall I posted on dbuzz about Coinpot closing to inform others to withdraw their coins. Thankfully, I did not promote this site…