The Hoot was born. My magazine on POB

The first week is done! It has been a week since I mentioned, that I was planning to create a magazine on POB and the day has come.…

Turning pro. The adventure of boredom.

I choose excellency This is not a post about quitting my job and turning into a full-time writer. Don't worry! I won't ride the waves…

My MONTH in Crypto - I made $1120 with POB this month!

These numbers are incredible! I surpassed my goals by a lot. One month ago I was at $794. Now I'm at $1914! And I have only POB to…

My week in crypto - Are we done dipping? [+ 255 $ (+24%)]

Strong recovery this week Last week was pretty boring and sad. I know it was a tiny loss but considering I had earned a lot of POB it…

Answering the distribution question in POB - Should we do the 75/25 split?

Hello guys. I want to chime in on the discussion about the distribution of POB. The irony of me making this post after my roast is not…

My week in Crypto - Up 245 POB and down 42$. Thanks Elon!

So this is what a dip feels like! Introduction

My week in Crypto - Up $295. Should I quit my parttime job?

Steady POB and booming Bananos Introduction The dream of doubling my po

How to make bank on POB - A Roast

Why? I recently broke 1k staked POB ! This means I'm independent now, bitches! I don't need you anymore! It's time to risk offending…

The Paradox of Learning - Teaching the man without a memory.

Listen to buddha My Life The most impressive example of a brain on autopilot was for me the fi

My week in Crypto - POB doubled my Portfolio for three weeks in a row! (129%)

You can't trust these prices! Introduction Yeah. This time it's especi

Persistance - 5 Reasons, why I will keep writing longer than YOU!

I don't care about motivation Motivation is a shooting flame. Burned out the second you stop watching your motivational videos on…

My week in Crypto - It doubled again ! (+108%) [ Potassium included]

Market correction to the rescue! Introduction That was a close one. I was hoping

Mindfulness - How often do you check your notifications?

My smartphone is like crack to the monkey in my brain What's up with your monkey? I think most people know the story of the

#AskPOB - What are the pillars of PoB ?

What is our elevator pitch? I feel like the first hypewave is done and the first settlers have grown roots. Now we need to ask…

My week in crypto - POB ruined this series (+105%)

This week should have been horrible. Introduction Welcome to my least

My week in Crypto - Now with Upland Estimated Value

Writing: This week was decent. It feels l ike I didn't move up as high, because I found it tougher t

My Crypto Collection - Update No. 2

Time for my first update after starting my Crypto Collection Series. I'm not

My Crypto Collection - My first post!

Hey guys. Thanks for having me on LeoFinance! I am pretty new to this crpyto-thing and I'm learning a lot. Especially Hive and Leo seem…