Ape Mining Club Delegation Update

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We updated our delegation script to change how payouts are calculated.

In the past we used a fixed percentage of the developer account to calculate how much APE will be distributed daily. With a recent update we are dynamically calculating how much APE will be distributed using previous days curation rewards + 10% bonus.

This change will provide a predictable return and bonus over actual curation rewards received. The 10% is calculated off the average spread price of APE on the Hive Engine market.

Based on initial tests, the return will be roughly similar to what you are seeing now but will be more predictable as delegations are added/removed.

Don't forget to hop on our discord server if you have questions or want to engage with our community.

You can earn APE by delegating Hive Power to @apeminingclub. We are unable to provide rewards for Hive Engine token delegations so please only use Hive.

Rewards are distributed nightly at UTC midnight as APE tokens, which can be traded, held, or used in the Ape Mining Club Game.

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Love to be part of this club! One day this club will be exclusive!🤓 Love to see some ape tokens returning to my wallet everyday for almost a year now🤌

need to get me some more bananas!


Wo0t Wo0t more APE! seems like a decent update we just need more people buying APE and the game will be profitable for everyone! Well done

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Ape together strong