Weekly review of tokens on Hive-Engine

***Hello everyone, with this weekly post I want to review the Hive-Engine market once a week, in this way you are aware of everything that…

Do you know which are the companies with the most btc in the world?

buy bitcoin worldwide ***Some companies publish news several times a month or even in the same week to i

If we had invested every month of 2021 in BTC, how much would we have earned?

One of the best known and simplest bitcoin (BTC) investment techniques out there is DCA. This activity, called thus by “dollar cost…

You can now use rollups, if you develop your apps with Ethereum

Optimism's developers, Optimistic rollups (a second layer solution that facilitates fast and cheap transactions on Ethereum) now allow…

A brief explanation of how blockchains help on the internet to build your privacy

*Web 2.0, related to the so-called era of centralization driven by Facebook, Google and other powerful companies, is a thing of the past.…

RollerCoin a game where you can earn cryptocurrencies

rollercoin *** Rollercoin is an RPG in which you can become a virtual cryptocur

Guide to developing applications using Bitcoin

***This guide will tell you how to make your APP step by step, which will present the mental map of the different parts that make up the…

Why is the Terra blockchain so special and why is LUNA growing so fast?

*Tera was founded in 2018 by a South Korean blockchain company called Terraform Labs, founded by Daniel Shin and a former Microsoft…

Tutorial of everything you need to know about an ICO

***You may have heard of the famous cryptocurrency ICO. Today I will show you what they are, how they work, who can request them, and most…

Everything you need to know about an autotrading bot.

***In this tutorial I am going to explain how bots work, how to choose a good bot, and the best strategies to make it the most profitable.…

Today I explain, how to earn interest with your coins.

crypto.com *Crypto Earn is a cryptocurrency interest deposit service built into the Crypto.com app. This service allows you to

I teach you how to sell your NFTs on OpenSea

*The wave of NFT is getting bigger. Perhaps it is owning and selling your own NFT, a platform like OpenSea allows you to create an NFT in…

I am going to list the good things that the future will bring, if we continue to support Bitcoin

***Bitcoin regularly makes improvements created by developers to make the network more efficient, secure and scalable. The most recent is…

I will explain what determines the price of Bitcoin.

*The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is a very interesting topic, especially considering that it reached an all-time high in November 2021, topping…
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Earn cryptocurrencies by playing

*By 2021, to great anger and a growing community of followers, a new term has suddenly entered the cryptocurrency ecosystem and is…

New paradise for Bitcoin mining

***Kazakhstan appears to be moving towards a healthy coexistence with Bitcoin (BTC) mining, and this activity in the region has increased…

Great news for those of us who still believe in Bitcoin

Source ***The new news is that as of Thursday, October 21, 2021, you can earn Bitcoin (BTC) by shopping at Walmart. This ser

Primer Canal De Autotrading De Criptomonedas De Habla Hispana Con Tecnología Cornix/First Spanish-Speaking Cryptocurrency Autotrading Channel With Cornix Technology

***Antes de poneros toda la informacion, os recuerdo que si quereis probar este bot, solo os dan 15 dia de prueba y si os gusta lo teneis…

Axie Infinity will found its distinctive trade to spread its video game ecosystem

The news came to light recent statements from game co-founder Jeff Zirlin on the latest episode of The Scoop podcast. According to the…

RealFevr makes soccer more fun

source *A Portuguese company called Dream League RealFevr, which will release the first football video tokens that you c