Hive and Leofinance: Why these two stocks will hit all time high in 2023

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In the stock market, valuation is one of the most important parameters to decide which stocks to buy or sell. If you are looking to invest in the stock market, you need to understand how to value a stock and which metrics matter. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools available that can help you determine a stock’s valuation and determine if it’s a good time to buy or sell that stock. In this article, we will explain two useful methods for valuing a stock: the P/E ratio and the dividend yield.

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*What is a stock’s P/E Ratio?

The PE ratio is one of the most popular metrics for valuing stocks. It is the ratio of a company’s current share price to the company’s earnings per share over the last 12 months. Earnings per share refer to how much the company has made over the past 12 months. Share price refers to how much investors are willing to pay for each share of stock. When investors look at a stock’s valuation, they look at the PE ratio to see how expensive the stock is. When the PE ratio is high, the stock is expected to be more expensive than before. Conversely, the lower the PE ratio, the cheaper the stock is.

Leofinance: A great investment opportunity in Singapore Leofinance is a Singapore-based financial technology company that offers a range of insurance products across Southeast Asia. The company’s core products are personal accident insurance and travel insurance. Leofinance is a great investment opportunity in the insurance space. The company is growing rapidly as it expands into new markets and brings new products to its customer base. Leofinance is also quite profitable. The company has a strong balance sheet with a healthy amount of cash and zero debt. Leofinance’s PE ratio is also very attractive, given the rapid growth and profitability of the company. Leofinance’s stock has performed well since its IPO in January 2019. Investors looking to buy a piece of this company should keep a close eye on its share price to get a great entry point.

Hive Blockchain: A game changer for the cryptocurrency space Hive Blockchain is a Canadian company that builds data centers and equipment for cryptocurrency mining. Hive is attempting to take advantage of the growing interest in cryptocurrency by building data centers near cheap sources of power like hydroelectric dams and using that power to mine cryptocurrencies for profit. Hive’s business model is unique because it doesn’t depend on the price of cryptocurrencies. In fact, if the price of cryptocurrencies drops, Hive’s business becomes more profitable because it earns more from cheap power sources. This makes Hive a very interesting investment opportunity because it doesn’t rely on the price of cryptocurrencies to succeed. If the price of cryptocurrencies goes down, the company’s profits go up because it is using cheap power sources.


Hive Blockchain and Leofinance are two stocks that investors should watch for. Both companies are growing rapidly and are very profitable. If the cryptocurrency space continues to grow, both Hive and Leofinance are set to benefit. These are two stocks that investors should watch closely over the next few years. If you are looking to invest in the stock market, it is very important to understand how to value a stock and which metrics matter. The PE ratio is one of the most popular ways to value stocks and can be used to determine if a stock is expensive or cheap.

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