ARCHON Features: Beneficiary Participation Voting Trail!

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Greetings and Salutations from ARCHON Tribe!

ARCHON is a tribe of open development, ideas and automation. We are building layerware tools that can support others - support the users, projects and communities that can make and are making HIVE great. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible (and even what is desirable) to do on HIVE, with HIVE.

One of our lesser known features is the Beneficiary Reward Trail!

@archon-gov beneficiary rewards trail

Our @archon-gov account is working hard at other ARCHON features, and we wanted to create a virtuous cycle for new members to get involved. When users add a 5% or greater beneficiary reward to the @archon-gov account, that post will get voted by the Archon Community trail as a show of support for the user!

You don't need to be a member of the tribe, just add 5% beneficiary to @archon-gov to any or all of your posts!


Of course the @archon-gov account will continue to grow because of this program and all the great support it receives from our members and the community. This means the voting trail will continue to grow as well.


Currently the trail votes total about 41 cents. If you are just getting started, this can be a good way to start getting some motivation to post. At a 5% beneficiary, if you usually earn less than $8.20 dollars on your post, you will actually be benefitting from participating in the trail!

If you earn more than $8.20 per post, its not that you won't be benefiting, but you will be strengthening the program a little bit more than the program can strengthen you, for the time being! As we continue to grow, this number will continue to increase over time.

Support for users

One of the most important things for us at ARCHON tribe is to support the users and projects that make our chain strong, and this beneficiary vote trail program is with that spirit in mind, of mutual benefit.

If this system were to be abused to hurt or support hateful content, we reserve the right to remove any user from the use of this support service. Contact us in Discord with any questions or comments/concerns.

Be sure to follow @archonapp and join our discord to keep up to date on all things Archon.

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