WTH is wrong with Leo Community?

Hi everyone! I just finished my exams and I am seeing my reputation at 7. Why? What have I done? This is unacceptable! This is the…

Bitcoin || Guide 02 || Blockchain Technology Overview

Thinking about blockchain, Ufff..... seems most complicated, no doubt it is but... The core concepts of blockchain are very simple and…

What is Ethereum (ETH)? - Ethereum Guide

A beginner's guide to Ethereum, written to answer questions about ETH, gas, defi and more. The first differentiation that needs to be…

It's time to start

pic uploader It's almost more than one month when I joined Leofin

Pros and Cons of Hive || What is Hive

This post is an addition to @forexbrokr Hive guides. He has already written some basic info about What is Hive . Please do checkout…

Happy World Environmental Day to Leo Family || 5 June 2021

Happy World Environmental Day to Leo Family and I pray today that along with growth in technology we'll be able to recover our mother…

China Launches Copyright Protection Blockchain

The Copyright Society of China (CSC), a public, government-tied institution under the National Copyright Administration of China, launched…

What gives HIVE value?

Hive is one blockchain that has real world use cases which give it value. Let’s explore what gives both the Hive blockchain and HIVE cr

How Businesses convert into digital era

As humanity is evolving into the new normal, effects have widely been observed on businesses. They are looking for innovative changes…

Bitcoin Pros and Cons || Addition to Bitcoin guide

This post is an addition to @forexbrokr Bitcoin guides. He has already written some basic info about What is Bitcoin . Please do…

My Introduction

Hi Everybody, Here is MALIK UZAIR a citizen of Pakistan. I'm another part in this community. I'm an adoring, mindful and great audience…

Latest Price news about Bitcoin, Doge coin, Ethereum

Hi everyone! This is the post about recent price changes in crypto world. Digital currency market cap went down from 2.2 Trillion to 1…

Investors are tired to Elon Musk tweets and they want him to stop tweeting about Crypto

In the recent week, we have seen the major price downfall of Bitcoin and almost all crypto currencies. Elon Musk is the known culprit for…

10 latest technology trends in this pandemic period

Advancement in covid-19 The Covid-19 pandemic sped up digitization and robotization, permitting organizations to stay versatile even in…

Is Amazon Stock Hugely Undervalued???


Leofinance New website layout || Some problems with mobile web view

Hi everyone! Its been a week or more since I’ve noticed some improvements in the leofinance web layout. There is a notification bar w

More than 7K CTP staked and counting + Happy Eid to all Muslims

Hi Everybody! I am back after a long time. This picture was taken on the day of Eid. It was the Holy Month of Ramadan. Muslim fast

Ethereum broke the 4000 USD barrier

Looks like DeFi has made it possible for ether price to the moon. There are other factors involved too. for the first time, Ether has hit…

Why Doge coin is a bubble

From the recent price changes, people are hoping that doge coin will go above 1 USD soon. But lets see how doge coin started and why

Ethereum is on fire 🔥 || Latest price

Ethereum it’s the new record of 3118 USD(current price). This reminds me of the previous time when I remember the price of it was ab