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Yeah you are right!
Tesla has autopilot feature which is very helpful and has avoided many accidents.
The worst thing about computer software is that it can be hacked.
If Tesla is charging some money for updates, it will eventually result in someone jailbreaking the program and giving these features for free.
Apple Iphone is the modern example of it. No matter how secure update Apple releases, there is always a jailbreak available.

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There is no doubt cybersecurity is vital. Hacking is a way of life these days and companies have to do all they can to prevent that.

For this reason, we are seeing multiple computer systems put into the cars. With Tesla at least, it is a completely different computer for the automation versus the entertainment. Hacking the later does not get one into the former.

That said, still not a ton of protection but it is something. Decentralization is going to be key. They will need to keep spreading things out as much as possible.

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