Bitcoin || Guide 02 || Blockchain Technology Overview

Thinking about blockchain, Ufff..... seems most complicated, no doubt it is but... The core concepts of blockchain are very simple and…

It's time to start

pic uploader It's almost more than one month when I joined Leofin

China Launches Copyright Protection Blockchain

The Copyright Society of China (CSC), a public, government-tied institution under the National Copyright Administration of China, launched…

Bitcoin Pros and Cons || Addition to Bitcoin guide

This post is an addition to @forexbrokr Bitcoin guides. He has already written some basic info about What is Bitcoin . Please do…

Latest Price news about Bitcoin, Doge coin, Ethereum

Hi everyone! This is the post about recent price changes in crypto world. Digital currency market cap went down from 2.2 Trillion to 1…

Investors are tired to Elon Musk tweets and they want him to stop tweeting about Crypto

In the recent week, we have seen the major price downfall of Bitcoin and almost all crypto currencies. Elon Musk is the known culprit for…