Bitcoin || Guide 02 || Blockchain Technology Overview

Thinking about blockchain, Ufff..... seems most complicated, no doubt it is but... The core concepts of blockchain are very simple and…

Pros and Cons of Hive || What is Hive

This post is an addition to @forexbrokr Hive guides. He has already written some basic info about What is Hive . Please do checkout…

How One Blockchain's Vision and Technology Separates Them from the Pack

"Do great, progress admirably" is a proverb that urges us to catch achievement while accomplishing a socially cognizant objective.…

Is Amazon Stock Hugely Undervalued???


Lets appreciate @taskmaster4450le for his Leo comment challenge 👏

Hi everyone! I just want to appreciate @taskmaster4450le for his contribution in leo community for comments challenge. Leofinance nee

Movers & Shakers of the LEO top 100 - Week 15 - 2021

This is a snapshot of what has happened among the top 100 on the LEO richlist during last week. Picture by

My Introduction Post

Hello everyone, I'm Ameer Bushra from Pakistan. I'm a new member here. Some days ago my friend told me about the Leo community, and from…

My CUBS are still showing in my wallet! Can I claim them now?

Hello Everyone! I just want to ask that I have lost cubs from hiveengine but I can still see them in my wallet. Do I

Whatsapp privacy policy might be illegal

image upload According to [Android Police](

Here’s why we’ll never see Iphone 13!

It is 2021. This means we’ll see a new Iphone this year. Probably Iphone 12’s successor Iphone 13 right? Wrong 😑 The

Whatsapp is in Danger ⚠️ Signal & Telegram is getting boost

It is said that “someone’s demise is someone’s opportunity” The same happend with whatsapp. Whatsapp was the fastest growi

Leo prediction Contest #1 || Win 1 USD of Leo


Coinbase CEO’s net worth is public now

In the latest news of Coindesk , after the latest bloomberg report, the shares of coinbase are valued 100 Billion USD. This makes arms

Tweet about HIVE please

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ADA coin is now ranked 3rd by the market cap

In the latest Coin desk news, Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency is now ranked 3rd by the market cap after the price boom by 1.30$ and no

Bitcoin falls below 45K today

Bitcoin fell down to 44K today since February 11th. It can be due to rising bonds yields and the losses in the global markets. What can…

Filecoin is new decentralised Storage provider

Have you heard about Filecoin? According to , file coin is a new decentralised storage provider. Now you can store your…

Another company bets 1.026 Billion in Bitcoin

After Tesla’s investment of 1.5 Billion USD in Bitcoin and Square’s 170 Million Bitcoin buy, another whale just jumped into the BTC pool.…

Square buys 170M investment in Bitcoins

Bitcoin is getting more and more attention with a lot of new whales coming into the ocean. The latest investment according to [The Verge](
@arslan786/crypto-com-is-burning-70-billion-tokens-ahead-of-launching-their-blockchain is burning 70 Billion tokens ahead of launching their blockchain

In the latest news of Coin Desk , which is popular now a days on social media due to its unique offers. I hav