Earning crypto blogging website review and followers count

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This week I made a little different earning rep

Review MeWe.com ( Mia)

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Can you actually make some sort of the business out of MeWe? Question of the centr

Twitter is done with your Fleets

As early as August the third, Twitter will remove Fleets from the mobile apps. That feature was alive less than a year and it is already…

Twitter is done with your Fleets

▶️ Watch on 3Speak As early as August the third, Twitter will remove Fleets from the mobile apps. *Text w

Review - Free Speech Platforms - Flote, Gab and Gettr

For your information, all three are centralized and all three can be a subject to takedown and censorship. Not exactly what we used to…

Self-improvement: social media review

It is without a doubt a very hard thing to maintain a level of activity on a few different places. Especially if you have another thing to…

Organizing all your notes, email, and chat with Spike Messenger

If you have many emails and many being on different email platforms, it can be a daunting task to organize them. Making any sense of your…

Favorite websites - from user experience point of the view

My fav webs are not even a near lucrative platforms as someone would expected. I never liked too many fancy stuff to be honest, but I want…

Sale blog post: "Organizing all your notes, email, and chat with Spike Messenger" (Pricing: $1 in BCH)

First blog post written for sale on Prompt.Cash on ECwid shop. You can save yourself time and instead writing, buy it here: Organizing…

Restarting my blogs - weekly starters review

I didn't write for a few months and the previous week was sort of a restart for me. I am sure most of the people wish to know earnings the…

Fiction, image posts, microblogs earnings, video websites and bees

I spent two days working and writing, despite a standoff with my liver. I will go after the another batch of the fiction again, so expect…

Crypto blogging complaint list

I read new Many Social Platforms Aren’t What They Seem By Scott Cunningham @scottcbusiness who is on many platforms so I like to go…

Twitter monetization and newsletter app - hmm, what and ugh!

Today I found out that Twitter made some changes and somehow we now can "monetize" something. LOL! No, I will not call it a joke, because…

Well, obviously I am a BOT!!!

I spent too much time being off the internet affairs and I also changed my internet provider. The first causes me a confusion because I am…

Magical March is about to happen - rise and shine Cryptonians!!

Saturday people!!! Rise and shine Cryptonians! There is a world of things to conquer and enjoy! I have been added to a HIVE500 Crypto…

NFTs, Lensy and Green Witch Project - homage to Margaret Hamilton's portrayal of Baum's Wicked Witch of Oz (+ some makeup advice for interested peers)

Yesterday I was playing with the green paint and make up, and I was creating an image of a Green Witch. It is a sort of a green monster…

New website - Tellonym - social phenomenon

This is a new website where we can post anonymous question and control our content, whatever we decide it to be. There is no earning…

Watch your six - newest crypto drop fraud hosted on russian server JustHost.ru

The last one in the lines of Twitter crypto frauds using a strange mixture of John McAfee fake Twitter account and Elon Musk fake M

Monthly Earning Review: Cryptocurrency, blogging and social websites - February 2021

I don't plan to be online during the weekend so I will complete my monthly earning review today. During the February I engaged with only…

About the tick tocks and making money by HODLING vintage stuff - I got two vintage timepieces

I mentioned that I will get a watch, and I had a question about what happened with that idea, so I will answer. Previously I received the…