What Eat Your Money The Most?

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Have you ever thought about what you spend money on the most or what consume your money more? Well, I have. Lately I thought about this stuff like what really eat my money the most, like what’s that thing I spend money on more, I couldn’t think twice or look any further and said to myself that it was Internet Data Subscription. Like for real let me be honest with you the amount I spend on Internet subscription is outrageous LOL.


Do you know you I calculated the amount that I spent last year on Internet subscription, damn! it was huge, it was too much I couldn’t believe I spent such amount of money just for subscription, I can’t even put it out here because that would be so foolish of me to have spent such amount of money on just Internet subscription like it’s too much. I could use the money to do something better. The painful and annoying part of it is that I didn’t get to know Hive then and probably I would have made better use of it.

Internet Data Subscription in Nigeria is quite expensive. Although, it comes in various ranges and you need to determine the cheapest and fastest network packages before you can decide on which to go for and another thing to consider is your pocket, if it fits so you can go for what you can afford. But trust me, as they come, so they go so fast like a deflating balloon.

With the rate things are going now, even one month data subscription package they tagged to be "one month" doesn’t last a month anymore for the highest it would last is a week. For example, I use an iPhone and you know how iPhone works, all the apps in the phone uses Internet connection and most times what I do to minimize my data I turn off the Apps that are not in use and it’s quite helpful.

So tell me, what do you spend more on?

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11 mo

That is a horrible situation. I would lose my mind if I did not have enough data, as all of my business is online.


If I was using it for business then, that’s a different thing LOL...it was nothing that meaningful

11 mo

That is a cool attitude to have, I need to try to be more laid back like that as it would do well to cut the stress 👍