38/38 Thorchain Nodes Have Upgraded to Version 0.68.0 - Normal Ops About to Begin Again!

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The Thorswap Twitter account - Thorswap is the leading AMM interface for the Thorchain protocol - just tweeted that 38 out of 38 of the Thorchain nodes have upgraded to the latest 0.68.0 version of the code base.

This version will re-activate UTXO operations, bringing us back to normal on Thorchain in terms of technical operations and functionalities.

It's an extremely important step for Thorchain and the RUNE cryptocurrency. We'll see how this all unfolds, but I am flipping into some majorly bullish positions on RUNE in anticipation that the commencement of these operations will bring high degrees of positive speculation back to RUNE.

Trading RUNE:


The whole crypto market is in a short-term depressed state at the moment but RUNE has taken a harsher beating than many of its close crypto siblings like LUNA.

I'm expecting to see a quick recovery to $15+ on RUNE following the re-introduction of normal ops on the Thorchain protocol.

$6-$8 is a massive accumulation zone for me. Time to load the rocket for our moonshot 🚀

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