Using Hive, Bitrefill, and to purchase a gift card

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Monster Hunter: Rise was releasing an expansion (Sunbreak) on June 30th. Of course, I wanted to join in on the new hunts that would be featured! I was pulling out my wallet when suddenly I had a thought...

"Why don't I use Hive as a currency to purchase the expansion so I can have an example of how valuable spending time and developing a Hive account could be!"

I had participated in @theycallmedan 's 'Bitcoin Pizza Day' event on May 22nd using @brianoflondon so I had some experience with the whole process and got to work!


Buying the $50 gift card would be the easiest option but for one problem: The max SAT limit on is 150,000 and the $50 gift card was well over that limit.


So I would have to purchase piecemeal! I did some tests to see the SAT total over the different variety of gift cards.
prices have obviously changed from june 29th and 30th when I was planning this and the current date

Okay! Looks like things would be fine if I did three $10 gift cards as it was just under the limit of V4V and then I could purchase a $20 gift card

But let me play it safe and purchase the $20 gift card first.


The suspense!


The relief!

Excellent! Now that I am more comfortable with the process lets do the rest!

Well my careful planning would all go down the drain because of something I failed to read about Bitrefill purchases:


Buy limits!? Well verifying my account would fix that and it shouldn't be a problem.

Two Hours Later

I filled the forms and performed their tasks multiple times and was declined. So while I would've loved to have Hive pay for the entire item, I just paid the rest with USD.

But at least Hive paid for half, which I was grateful for and I earned 1000 sats! Now that I 'sort of' accomplished my goal I could play:


Before I got started I did a final check to make sure all my Hive assets were good after my wild experimentations and everything looked okay.

Oh, let me check my email and there's another mail from the verify processor...



It all worked out in the end. I figured out the applications and their processes and now have a better knowledge of how it works, Hive was used to purchase an item I wanted, and I am now verified as a person on Bitrefill! What a ride but it was well worth it.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions or thoughts about this post and the process, please leave a comment! I'll happily answer as best I can.

This is really fucking cool! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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I'm glad my post was enjoyed! Thank you.


I think there is a better pathway. I use Bitrefill as well to load up on some gear from amazon, but instead of using V4V as an intermediate, I use Binance. I sell HIVE for any of the supported currencies, mainly USDT, then I use the Binance Transfer option on Bitrefill as a payment method.

Works flawless, every time, without limit.

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Interesting! I don't usually think about using Binance as a way to help purchase items and gift cards. Thank you for sharing.


Great Post!


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I love the suspense, man1 :)

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Even though I triple check the information before clicking 'Confirm Transaction' I still get a little anxiety during the wait, haha. Thank you for your comment!


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