AteXoras Pub - Gathering for a Rising Star Giveaway!
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AteXoras Pub

This Pub will open weekly with the purpose of acting as a place to meet, socialize, exchange information, get free stuff, you get the idea for HIVE's sake!

Otherwise stated, all rewards will go to @null (🔥 burn, baby burn) because @forkyishere usually feels cold in winter 🥶. You wanna help this guy? Come along, read other's comments, have a great time. This is his wish, and it's YOUR choice to enjoy the power of this Pub!

NOTE: And in today's opening, I am going to surprise @risingstargame with 100% of the Pub rewards towards that game. 🙂 This is an appreciation for the hard work you guys have been doing around.


The pub needs help from someone in this community! To be worthwhile every time you produce or create an initiative, you have to share! Be a Leader and help others. I am asking for applications to create the next image for AteXoras Pub. Can be an NFT (donated to, or a direct share with all rights and exclusivity mentioned/negotiated with @forykw (the Pub manager).

Drop any intentions below mentioning the manager, please. For now, I will just use the same opening image, with some extra painting on it... for hints about any applications!

I will donate 1% of this post curation for applicants when using their image. I can even rotate images... not yet defined. Depends on what's coming.


📊 Pubecomics

In this Pub, we currently serve the following (🙏 @forykw):


  • 🍻 BEER
  • 🍷 WINE


  • 🍕 PIZZA


  • 🗣 ENGAGE
  • 💕 LOVE

🃏 NFTs?

There will be always a chance to get an NFT under this Pub. The owner has thousands of them, and most likely others visiting the Pub would like to express their publicity by making their own offers.

(credit @doze) 👆ℹ️

🤑 Crypto (HIVE-Engine and external)

This section is under "construction". We need helpers.

👍 HIVE Upvotes

The owner will always try to make sure your visit is valued! The Pub is a place for everyone, we wanna reach out and show the potential of this community.

💸 Sponsors

"advertise here" - contact @forykw

🥇 Specials this Week!

This week's special is... a MEGA Giveaway for the #HIVE Game Rising Star community! Games are loved by the HIVE community and we should all share this excitement.

Register for a draw...

@forykw did this post announcing the massive giveaway! Registration valid until the end of post curation... 20 April, 1:44PM (UTC+13) - or check post curation time for an easier timezone discovery.

For this event, @forykw found himself in need of some help. Yeah... 😅 purchasing 408 packs (34 x 100K STARBITS 12-packs) would mean 34 transactions just to do it... so, by request, @risingstargame was kind enough to help out here, with a single transaction of:

⭐⭐⭐ 3.4 Million STARBITS! ⭐⭐⭐

Thank you so much @risingstargame. Appreciate the gesture.

Imagine yourself going to the shop and buying 408 x 3 = 1224 #NFTs (that's how @forykw feels today)... crazy!

The Opening Event

Throughout the weekend... @forykw will be opening cards. The first LEGENDARY, EPIC, and RARE cards will be given away! Let's hope for a LEGENDARY at least...

When such cards appear, they will be shared in the Pub and on the giveaway post. Sharing will be part of the frenzy. 😋

@forykw will also be available for any questions, tips, and special tactics on HIVE games.

🏆 Results of the Giveaway!

🤝 Sharing and Why?

Since the bound reason to run this Pub is to basically get more attention to HIVE within HIVE first, and then externally, it is obvious that sharing these gatherings will be important. Help out if you can.

This is also a place where potential new users can get quick attention. Hence, the Pub can be a great tool to quickly onboard more users. There are more people around, there are more eyes watching, etc.

📶 Frequency

For now, every weekend (@forykw is on UTC+13) starting on Fridays with the intent of having the maximum exposure during the weekend time. Then, a few more extra days to cure the booze, and we are back again on Friday.

Should I keep her? 🤣 (or should I create an NSFW Night Club?)

Let's gooooooooooo #HIVE... 🍻🍷😜

Disclaimer: We might need to edit this post in the future to either correct wrong information or to add new ones. Everything is recorded on the blockchain anyhow.