Opportunity to shill Hive in BeInCrypto Premium Telegram Community

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Hey folks.

I think we have here a good opportunity to get #Hive more widely known about.

Anyone up for doing this? It will require writing a post about Hive in the BeinCrypto Premium Channel on Telegram and being prepared to do a Livestream with @terranova4

I don't think i'm the best person to do it myself.
@theycallmedan @onealpha @taskmaster4450 @nathanmars, or anyone else interested in this?
If you're not a member of this Premium channel we can arrange that or i can post for you.
Actually, the post could be written on Hive and i can share the link to the Telegram Channel. That might be even better.

Let me know

Con amor


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Anyone that writes the Hive post for this tag me and Ill throw a upvote. I'm also happy to speak if a speaker is needed. Thanks for bringing this up.