Finally got to stake my Leo token for the first time as a newbie

Well as a newbie, I got to achieve a new knowledge on hive, more like on @leofinance. I am so happy because it has always been a bother to…

What do you know about Dapps?

source There are lot of promising Dapps built currently on different blockchain by different industries, in the art world

Have you heard of wrapped tokens and they can do?

source So a wrapped token is basically a crypto token that is pegged to the value of another crypto, while the original

What do you understand by opportunity cost?

source Opportunity cost is the value in which an individual could have gotten or received but missed out on it due to choosin

What do you think 7 billion people do?

source This is a question that needs an answer because the world economy as a whole is survival of the fittest. In terms

Who really is Satoshi Nakamoto?

The original creator of Bitcoin has been long proven over the years but theories about whom the creator is still haven’t subsided and new…

LOLZ Weekly Joke Challenge - Help Build A Hive Based Joke Database and Earn $LOLZ

Week 5 Of the LOLZ Joke Challenge Is Here Hey folks, now that the new year is behind us, it is time to get back to building. So today…

Some Influential artists are currently the hottest in the NFT world

On my last post I talked about why NFTs are very expensive and we got to know it’s due to their rarity and designs, so now we will be…

Have you ever experience the power of compound interest?

source Profit is what all of us look out for every business or investment and the only way to maximize it is where compound in

Damn!!! Why are Cryptopunks so expensive?!!

I know some of us know about cryptopunks already and some are still trying to understand what they are and the big question is why are…

What happened to the biggest crypto exchange Mt. Gox?

Have you ever heard of the word Mt. Gox? Probably not, neither have I, so what is the Mt. Gox and what was it about? Around 2010 and…

Coins that received the most attention in 2021

source Last year was the year of happy and sad moments as some cryptocurrencies took growth and others took an overturn. The

The fundamental pillars of investing

source There are time-tested concepts that transcend the crypto world and it can help anyone take a big step in achieving or attaining…

Introduction to decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO)

source So the decentalised autonomous o

Here's How to Buy a Car for Free!

source So there’s this decentralized app called alchemix, alcchemix is a decentralized a

Brief explanation about Crypto.com

So earlier last week I got notified by @readthisplease about an app/site that’s going to be doing a free airdrop of NFTs this year and…

Technical Analysis 101 for newbies

Learning thee technical analysis is very hard truth be told and it takes a lot of time and energy to learn and fully understand it. But…

Welcome Me To Hive: Introduction Post.

Hello Everyone! Before I start my personal introduction I would like to appreciate @attentionneeded and @readthisplease for informing…

A walkthrough on the 10 most expensive NFTs sold in 2021

2021 was the many tokens took rise to fame and also the year where the world of NFTs exploded. They were insane mad sales of different…

MINIMALIST CONTEST: If You Won One Million Dollar, Would It Change, Or Would It Not Change Your Belief, Practice Or Desire To Live A Minimalistic Lifestyle?

source Some say money brings out inner desire, but what is truly ones desire othe